Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1 is a hot topic of discussion these days. The upcoming K-drama falls under the genre of romance and youth. The coming of age drama has already become a top priority for the viewers this month. With the release of a romantic series in the month of love, viewers are way too excited.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a drama by tvN. Kim Young-kyu has developed this drama alongside Studio Dragon. Kwon Do-eun is the writer and Jung Ji-hyun is the director. In the month of September last year, the filming of the series began. Since then, fans have been excited to know more about the plot and characters.

Moreover, who all are going to be a part of the show. All these questions will now be answered as the series is ready to make its premiere around the world. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is expected to give a boost to the South Korean entertainment industry since youth and romance have been a popular category of choice among fans. Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1 will stand on the expectations of the viewers.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1
Still from Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Synopsis

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is an upcoming romance K-drama. This show is expected to be a little different from the ordinary romantic series. The show Twenty-Five Twenty-One will revolve around five people whose life changes over the years. The story will initially show the lives of the high schoolers set in the year 1998. It was the year of the Korean Financial Crisis.

How this crisis affects their lives and careers will be an attraction in this series. How the protagonists, Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin fall in love over the years at the age of Twenty-Five and Twenty-One will be an interesting watch. Na Hee-do will be seen facing problems of funding her dream game due to the financial crisis. As an aspiring fencing star, Hee-do needs financing support but this will not be happening anytime soon.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1
Kim Tae-ri

On the other hand, Baek Yi-jin will have to go through a hard time supporting his family. The financial crisis will lead to his family getting bankrupt. Amidst these struggles, the young beings will meet and experience life. The plot will move towards the present time from the year 1998. How will the protagonists fall in love will be a catch for the viewers? Hence we are set to experience love, warmth, and companionship alongside the struggles of life through a brand new series.


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The cast of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The Cast of Twenty-Five Twenty-One is quite big. The series will feature five main characters. Kim Tae-ri will play the role of Na Hee-do and Nam Joo-hyuk will play the role of Baek Yi-jin. Likewise, Bona will be seen as Go Yoo-rim, Choi Hyun-wook as Moon Ji-woong, and Lee Joo-myung as Ji Seung-wan. Interestingly, Kim Tae-ri is set to make her comeback with this series.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1
Kim Tae-ri as Na-Hee-do

She was on a break from the television industry for almost three years. It is hence a delight for her fans. She was last seen in the 2018 series “Mr. Sunshine” alongside Lee Byung-hun and Yoo Yeon-seok. The supporting casts include Kim Hye-eun as Yang Chan-mi and Choi Myung-bin as Kim Min-chae. Also, Baek Yi-jin’s father’s character will be played by Park Yoon-hee. Park Jun-pyo, So Hee-jung and Seo Jaehee are a few additions to the list.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1: Release Date, Air Time and Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1 will release on 12th February 2022. The series is expected is to release a total of 16 episodes. Twenty-Five Twenty-One will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm KST.” As of now, the official Teaser and Trailer of the show has been released on YouTube. Fans have gone crazy after watching these snippets.

The trailer has shown a carefree group of youngsters that has hyped the show a lot. It was quite clear from the teasers that our protagonists will fall in love amidst the problems of their lives hanging over their teenage.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One: How To Watch?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One will air on tvN, every Saturday and Sunday for the next eight weeks. However, for international fans, Twenty-Five Twenty-One will air on Netflix. Hence, one can stream the show on the American OTT platform easily. The average running time of each episode is expected to be 70 minutes.

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