Semantic Error Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Where To Watch

Semantic Error Episode 1 is about to blow up our minds. It might seem a bit exaggerated but it is the truth. The new K-drama is set to create new boundaries. Viewers across the world are excited to dwell on another love story this month. With some of the beautiful stories are aligned to release this month, Semantic Error has made its way among the top most-expected ones.

Semantic Error is a new drama that falls under the genre of romance. Although this will be a short series, it is expected to be a massive hit due to its out-of-the-box star cast and theme. Semantic Error is an adaptation of a popular BL webtoon of the same name. However, the latter was itself an adaptation of a 2018 novel. It was written by Soo Ri Jeo with the name “Semantic Error”.

Owing to the novel’s massive popularity, it was first adapted into a webtoon. Later this year, the drama adaptation was announced. Since then, the fans have been excited to watch their favorite story getting a dramatic effect. Semantic Error Episode 1 is thus under a lot of expectations from its already made fans and viewers across the globe.

Semantic Error
A still from Semantic Error

The Plot of Semantic Error

The plot of Semantic Error is based on the theme of boys’ love. It is an adaptation of a BL Webtoon of the same name. The story revolves around two students and their love life. Although it is a simple story where the protagonists cross each other’s way for a common project and fall in love. However, this story will be exciting enough to see how this simple plot elevates into a complex yet beautiful one.

As the name suggests, the story will surround students related to computers and tech. In Semantic Error, we will meet Chu Sang-Woo who is a brilliant engineering student. Next, we will come across Jang Jae Yeong who studies designing in the same university as the former. The clash in their personalities will be an exciting watch. Moreover, as they will be forced to be a part of a project, the differences will decrease.

Semantic Error
The BL drama “Semantic Error”

There will be a good view of college romance for the viewers. Amidst the college project and other activities, Sang Woo and Jae Yeong will probably develop feelings for each other. As simple as it is, the plot will meet some twists and turns to test their companionship and trust. No wonder, the fans are rooting for this amazing love story more than ever.


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The Cast of Semantic Error

The Cast of Semantic Error is not a vast one. The official cast was announced somewhere in May 2021. Since then, it has been a hot topic of topic. However, the production company is still adamant about not revealing the names of other casts. This has led to a build-up of curiosity in our minds. Nevertheless, the main cast includes Park Seo Ham.

Semantic Error
Park Jae Chan and Park Seo Ham in Semantic Error

He is very well known for being an ex-member of the boy group ‘KNK’. He will be seen in the role of Jang Jae Yeong. It is his debut as the main lead in K-drama. Eventually being a treat for his fans and supporters as well. Across from him, we will see Park Jae Chan in the role of Chu Sang Woo. The computer major student’s role was quite challenging for him. Jae Chan is a popular singer and songwriter from the group “DONGKIZ”. Although this is not his debut show, fans are excited to watch him act on the screen once again. He gathered a lot of appreciation for his work in “Youtuber Class“.


Semantic Error Episode 1: Release Date and Air Time

Semantic Error Episode 1 will release on 16th February 2022. The short series will have a total of 8 episodes only. Each of these episodes will air every Wednesday and Thursday. The airing time of Semantic Error is 5 pm KST. Each episode will have an average duration of 50 minutes. As of now, Semantic Error’s official trailer has been out. It has brought a storm on the Internet since its release.

Semantic K-drama
Park Seo Ham as Jang Jae Young

Well, this was quite expected because the fans of the webtoon were eagerly waiting for the live-action adaption of the webtoon for a long time. The trailer gives us a glimpse of a tough-looking engineering student Park Jae Chan and a free-spirited Park Seo Ham. Moreover, the characters trailer has given us a little insight into the drama. No wonder, these snippets have made our hearts tingle and the viewers are much eager for the release of the 1st episode next week.

Semantic Error: How To Watch The Latest K-drama

Semantic Error will be available to stream on Watcha streaming platform. It had the show’s official streaming rights. The official trailer was also released by the Watcha streaming platform on its YouTube channel a few days back. Initially, the series was scheduled for its release in December 2021. However, due to some issues, the release was delayed for a while. It seems like the wait is finally over as the love story rolls down the floor in less than a week.


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