Ghost Doctor Episode 13: Will Cha Young-min Wake Up Soon?

Will Cha Young-min wake up soon in Ghost Doctor Episode 13 is probably the biggest question that has excited the fans. The fantasy drama is doing pretty well among the audience. No wonder, Rain’s fans have contributed a lot to the spreading of this drama even more. However, with the release of new episodes every week, the show is near some conclusion. But the fans need to worry as a lot of plot twists are yet to come.

With the release of each episode, the show has gained massive appreciation from the viewers. Ghost Doctor first aired on 3rd January 2022. Kim Sun-soo has written this fantasy medical drama. Moreover, Boo Seong-cheol is directing the show. Ghost Doctor is set to have a total of 16 episodes to thrill the viewers with its content. No wonder, it is a new concept that has created a buzz on the internet.

The average running time of the show is 50-60 minutes. Ghost Doctor stars some of the best actors, Rain being one of them. Likewise, Kim Bum’s brotherly relationship with Rain has attracted a huge audience in the past month. Ghost Doctor has made its way in the list of highly appreciated dramas of 2022, marking it as Rain’s television comeback after he was last seen in a 2019 drama “Welcome 2 Life”. Moving on, the fans are now excited to watch Ghost Doctor Episode 13. But before that, let’s take a quick recap of the previous episode.

Ghost Doctor Episode 13
Still from Ghost Doctor Episode 12

Ghost Doctor Episode 12 Recap

The episode started with a confused Jang Se-jin who was bombarded with various unrealistic facts. The 11th Episode ended at the point where Go Seung-tak confronted the neuro-surgeon about Cha Young-min’s truth. It was the same point where the latest episode started. On one hand, there stood an angry Young-min who was constantly trying to stop Seung-tak from spilling the truth. On the other hand, Seung-tak was quite adamant to make things easy for his senior. However, Se-jin was the worst affected. She was unable to figure out what was happening. After a heated conversation between the two surgeons, Se-jin entered the scene to confront the thoracic surgeon once again. However this time, he decided to back off from his words which made him lose Dr. Cha Young-min’s case.

Not to forget that some conspiracy is still going on in the backdrop that has hooked us to the drama even more. However, due to the shocking conversations, Se-jin collapsed. As a result, Young-min rushed her to ER on his back. Luckily, Oh Su Jeong was there to handle the situation. Further in the episode, we saw Dr. Cha asking for Seung-tak’s help to take care of his love, to which the latter obliged. It is heartbreaking to see the protagonists so close to each other yet so far. The biggest twist in the episode came when Seung-tak went home to meet his mother. Due to some repairing that was going on over there, he has a moment of eureka.

Ghost Doctor Episode 13
Se-jin and Young-min

It was a moment when he finally realized that there could be some problem with the blood flowing veins with Dr. Cha. He immediately rushed to the hospital and explained everything to Se-jin. After a few examinations, they were able to find out the real cause behind his condition. Hence, surgery was scheduled immediately. This led Seung-tak to gain a lot of appreciation from the doctors and staff. At first, Dr. Cha seems a bit nervous to operate on himself but Seung-tak gave him confidence. However, the viewers were yet to meet a twist. An emergency operation changed everything when Seung-tak and Young-min failed to save the patient and they saw his soul fading away.


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Ghost Doctor Episode 13: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch?

Ghost Doctor Episode 13 will release on 14th February 2022. The show airs every Monday and Tuesday. One can stream the show Ghost Doctor at 10:30 PM KST. Moreover, for international fans, the show airs at 8:30 AM EST. It is a tvN series and hence the original platform for watching the show. Moreover, TVING also allows the fans to stream Ghost Doctor with English Subtitles. Rakuten Viki is also a good platform to stream fantasy drama.


Episode 13 of Ghost Doctor is expected to show a frustrated Seung-tak who finds it difficult
to cope with his problems. On the other hand, Dr. Cha’s operation is still on hold and some
other doctor is being appointed to perform the surgery. But the viewers every well know that this new appointment will not be a wise option. What will Seung-tak do now? How will he stop the mishaps? Will Cha Young-min wake up soon? These mysteries will uncover in the upcoming episode.

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