Rookie Cops Episode 15: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

With the release of Rookie Cops Episode 15, the ongoing Korean drama will enter into its final leg as the biggest issue in the lives of the students will unfold. Moreover, fans are eager to know what will happen in the series and who among the friends will not be able to make up for their graduation. All these questions will get answered in the upcoming episode of Rookie Cops. The television series has gathered immense popularity across the globe for its serious yet quirky theme as it revolves around Korean National Police University.

Rookie Cops is a K-drama created by Studio&NEW and is written by Lee Ha-na. Moreover, Kim Byung-soo is directing the show. The Kang Daniel starring drama has shown us the lives of aspiring police academy students as they move forward in their lives, learning through their personal experiences. Moreover, they come across a number of problems before they achieve success. The coming-of-age drama is one of the most hyped shows of the time. Also, it falls under the genre of procedural and romance.

Alongside Kang Daniel in the lead role of Seung-hyeon, we have Chae Soo-bin as Go Eun-gang who has been entertaining the viewers. Also, Lee Shin-young as Kim Tak & Park Yoo-na as Ki Han-na is worth mentioning when talking about Rookie Cops. Hence, the release of Rookie Cops Episode 15 is a much-anticipated topic as it will be the final leg towards their power-packed performances as rookie cops.

Rookie Cops Episode 15
A still from Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Episode 13 & 14 Recap

Rookie Cops released episodes 13 and 14 on the same day, that is, on Wednesday, 9th March 2022. The episode begins with Eun-gang and Seung-hyeon realizing the main culprit who is none other than Jo Han-sol. As the latter decides to confide in his father and hand over the laptop to him for further investigation, little did he know that things are going to turn bad. Seung-hyeon’s father contacts Han-sol and hands him the laptop. Surprisingly, his son witnesses the meeting and is made aware of his father’s real intentions by Detective Kang.

Later on, Seung-hyeon avoids his friends as he is confused about his father’s true intentions as he asks him for the truth but fails to conclude on any part. This leaves him devastated in his own being and he ends up at Professor Yoo-gon‘s house. On the other hand, Han-sol calls Kim Tak to his club and tells him the truth behind his brother’s death. A furious Kim Tak confronts Seung-hyeon and his father and realizes that what Han-sol told him was the truth. As a result, he first switches his room partner and finally decides to quit the academy without informing his friends.

Rookie Cops Episode 15
Rookie Cops Episode 13 & 14

Although Eun-gang tries to mend the wall between Tak and Seung-hyeon, she fails. In the meantime, Dae-il is seen working part-time as a driver and he ends up in front of a huge mansion. However, some strange voices from the house startle him while he is on a call with Seung-hyeon. Instead of calling the police, Dae-il himself tries to capture the evidence against the mishappenings of the mansion which leads him to be chased. In the final moments of the episode, Dae-il’s car falls in the river as he struggles to escape from the window but fails.


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Rookie Cops Episode 15: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Rookie Cops Episode 15 will release on Wednesday, 16th March 2022 at 17:00 KST. The upcoming episode will begin with the biggest question of whether Dae-il made it out of the car safely or not? Will he be able to complete his graduation with his friends or not?

Rookie Cops Episode 15


Rookie Cops Episode 15 Streaming Details

Rookie Cops Episode 15 will be available to stream for the viewers in and around the world on Disney+ as it is the first Korean Star Originals drama by the OTT platform.

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