Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9 is going to take us through a different weather condition that is expected to change the way how our protagonists feel and the way we as viewers perceive the show. It may sound bizarre but it is the truth. Forecasting Love And Weather is an ongoing K-drama that revolves around Korea Meteorological Administration and the employees posted over there as they deal with various weather conditions. Interestingly, each weather and its condition has had a vibrant effect on their lives as well.

With the release of episode 9, Forecasting Love And Weather will begin the second half of its journey. Moreover, the viewers will see some progress in the relationship between Ha-kyung and Shi-woo. However, things will not be that easy for them as they need to hide their relationship from their colleagues. All this ruckus is set to be promising for the audience as they will go through the twists and turns alongside the characters.

Forecasting Love And Weather is a show by Plot Line and is created by Kang Eun-kyung. Likewise, Cha Young-hoon is the director and Seon Yeong is the writer of the television series. Also, NPIO Entertainment & JTBC Studios have collaborated for the production of the Song Kang and Park Min-young starring show. Apart from them, Yoon Park and Yura have been an important part of the show. Hence, Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9 has been one of the most anticipated releases of the upcoming week.

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9
A still from the show

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 8 Recap

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 8 was released on Sunday, 6th March 2022. The episode was titled “Discomfort Index” as it showcased a high temperature that caused discomfort to everyone. The episode begins with Ha-kyung dragging a drunk Ki-joon outside her apartment where the latter apologizes for his mistakes in the past. However, hearing all these things makes Shi-woo uncomfortable and the new couple ends up arguing over nothing. The next morning, Ha-kyung meets a small accident and is unable to make it to the meeting which concerns Shi-woo.

However, the latter contacts Ki-joon to ask him about the car insurance. All these interactions are evident of Shi-woo’s discomfort as his mind wanders off from the meeting. In the meantime, the unusual rise in temperature creates ruckus in the office alongside a broken AC.  Later, Ha-kyung returns with Ki-joon and this distresses Shi-woo and they once again argue over this issue. Later on, during the press meet, Shi-woo and Yoo-jin enters the room together which makes Ki-joon furious and he ends up fighting with the former.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8
Shi-woo and Ki-joon in a still from episode 8

In the later part of the episode, Dong-han confronts Shi-woo and asks him to focus on the work. On the other hand, Ha-kyung takes Shi-woo outside the office to treat his wounds and clear out the differences between them. Although the things between them resolve, Ki-joon finds out that they both are together. Going back to his house, he argues with his wife and ends up revealing that Shi-woo and Ha-kyung are dating. Hence, the episode ends with a frustrated Ki-joon who is probably jealous of his ex-fiance being happy in her life.


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Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9 will release on Saturday, 12th March 2022 at 22:30 KST. The upcoming episode will show us a jealous Ki-joon and some suspicious colleagues as they doubt that something is going on between Shi-woo and Ha-kyung.


Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9 Streaming Details

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 9 will be available for streaming on JTBC Network across South Korea. On the other hand, the international audience can watch the drama every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.

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