Business Proposal Episode 5: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 5 is set to be a nerve-wracking episode as our protagonists are unintentionally falling for each other. Although they are yet to accept this, the viewers are very well aware of their feelings. For Tae-mu and Ha-ri, this might be a business proposal, but for the viewers, it is a delight. Hence, Business Proposal has caught a perfect place in the hearts of the audience across the globe. Likewise, netizens have gone crazy after watching Ahn Hyo-seop doing justice to the role of the cold CEO Kang Tae-mu, alongside the bubbly Shin Ha-ri, portrayed by Kim Se-jeong.

Business Proposal is an ongoing K-drama that has made its name since the day of the premiere, that is, 28th February 2022. The show is based on a famous webtoon by HaeHwa, that goes by the same name. Moreover, Park Sun-ho is directing the series alongside writers Han Sul-hee & Hong Bo-hee. Apart from the above mentioned, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon & Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo has been creating quite a buzz on the internet. No wonder, the show is giving us a strong main couple and a cute second couple as well.

In its initial week, Business Proposal gave us an insight into the lives of Tae-mu and Ha-ri who went on a blind date and came across each other a dozen times, only to end up being in a fake relationship for the sake of Tae-mu’s father. This office romance is expected to be one of the sweetest of this year. As a result, viewers are eager for the release of Business Proposal Episode 5 more than ever.

Business Proposal Episode 5
A still from Business Proposal

Business Proposal Episode 4 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 4 was released on Tuesday, 8th March 2022. The episode begins with Shin Ha-ri hiding her face from Tae-mu as they enter in the same lift. Later that evening, Tae-mu visits Min-woo’s restaurant to know more about his dishes. Luckily, Ha-ri who is there at the same place escapes. However, when Min-woo contacts her for her sudden disappearance, Tae-mu overhears her caller tune and recalls that it is the same song that he heard at the concert.

In the meantime, Young-seo tries to befriend Sung-hoon but fails every time. The next day, Shin Ha-ri goes on a field trip with her department and comes across Chairman Da-goo. After a series of events where she tries to hide her face, Ha-ri abruptly opens up the bathroom door causing the Chairman to fall hard on his back. All in all, the chairman leaves the site after getting annoyed by Shin Ha-ri. Later that night, Tae-mu brings medication for Ha-ri for her swollen eyes and one can clearly see his soft side. The next day, Tae-mu and Ha-ri go on a shopping date and dinner to celebrate one year anniversary of their fake relationship.

Business Proposal Episode 5
Kang Tae-mu and Shin Ha-ri in episode 4

During dinner, Ha-ri’s dress rips and she is almost dying of embarrassment when Tae-mu decides to cover her and they blow up the candles together. In the final moments of their date, they both watch fireworks on the Han river and Tae-mu admires his date a lot more than expected. He is seen getting comfortable around Ha-ri which catches her off-guard. In the final moments of the episode, Tae-mu returns to Ha-ri’s house to return her wallet only to find out Min-woo calling her Ha-ri and not Geum-hui.


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Business Proposal Episode 5: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 5 will release on Monday, 14th March 2022 at 22:00 KST. The upcoming episode will show Tae-mu annoying Ha-ri after knowing the truth behind her identity.


Business Proposal Episode 5 Streaming Details

Business Proposal Episode 5 can be streamed by the South Korean audience on SBS TV. Moreover, international fans can watch the show on Netflix, every Monday and Tuesday.

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