Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9 will be an interesting watch as the much-awaited revelation of online friends is around the corner. Although the viewers are well aware that Hee-do and Yoo-rim are the ones who talk to each other online with a fake profile, the revelation will be shocking for both the characters in their real lives. No wonder, this twist in the plot is one of the most expected ones by the fans. Twenty-Five Twenty-One hence has gathered immense popularity since its premiere on 12th February 2021 and is yet to offer a lot to its fans.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a series that revolves around an aspiring fencer, Na Hee-do, and an intelligent young man Baek Yi-jin, whose lives are deeply affected by the situations around them as they struggle to fulfill their dreams. The plot spans from 1998 to the present time of 2021 and gives us an insight into the struggles and lives of the people back in the last nineties. As a result, the series has gained appreciation from every age group across the continent.

The ongoing K-drama falls under the genre of coming-of-age drama and a romantic comedy, of course. Moreover, it is a creation of Hwa&Dam Pictures alongside Studio Dragon. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a Jung Ji-hyun directorial starring Kim Tae-ri & Nam Joo-hyuk in lead roles. Apart from the story, people have grown fond of the powerful characterization as well. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9 is one of the hot topics of discussion among K-drama enthusiasts.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
Hee-do and Yoo-rim in the show

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 was out on Saturday, 5th March 2022. The episode begins with a flashback where we see Hee-do first trying fencing as a child with her father. This provides her motivation as she moves at a fast pace and attacks Yoo-rim to take a lead in the finals. These flashbacks make her realize how important winning a gold medal is for her and she finally claims the gold medal. In the meantime, we see Yi-jin tearing up as well due to Hee-do’s win. However, the result turns dramatic as Yoo-rim calls it a bad call by the referee.

As a result, at the press conference, Hee-do is confronted with the various allegations and she leaves the conference abruptly. Moreover, she leaves the official team and wanders around the unknown town alone. Luckily, Yi-jin joins her shortly after the scene and tries to comfort her where Hee-do explains herself and how she is the one who was faster in the last attack. After being persuaded by Yi-jin, Hee-do decides to join the team again and accept the aftermath of her actions earlier. In the meantime, Yi-jin persuades the referee for an interview to clear out the accusations on Hee-do and help the athletes.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
A still from the show

In order to avoid her mother who also thinks of her as stealing the medal from Yoo-rim, Hee-do ends up at Seung-wan’s hideout and somehow gets locked up by the guard. However, she contacts Yi-jin to help her out and the latter reaches there with Seung-wan & Ji-woong. In the final moments, as Yi-jin unlocks the hideout, he witnesses a confused Hee-do standing near a cassette player with a tape playing on where he confesses love to a girl named Da-eun.


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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 8 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 8 was released on Sunday, 6th March 2022. The episode begins with Yi-jin and Hee-do exiting the campus alongside Seung-wan & Ji-woong. The next day and night, Hee-do tries to find out more about the girl named Da-eun but fails to find her photograph in the school magazine. On the other hand, Yi-jin decides to move back to his old room which annoys both Ji-woong and Seung-wan. However, they both end up helping him in shifting after Hee-do‘s persuasion. Meanwhile, Yoo-rim also helps him out, despite Hee-do’s presence.

After a chaotic shifting where Hee-do unintentionally smashes one of the windows, Yi-jin offers them food and asks them to leave. However, his sweet and touchy gestures confuse Hee-do to a great extent. Back at home, Hee-do confronts her mother and asks her to stay out of her professional life if she cannot trust her daughter. On the other hand, Yi-jin messes up a big live coverage due to his laptop’s error and faces a backlash from Hee-do’s mother. Later on, he finds some snacks and a small letter from Hee-do on his doorstep, to comfort him. Meanwhile, Hee-do and Yoo-rim face 3 months ban for their behavior in the Asian Games.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9
Yi-jin and Hee-do in episode 8

Yoo-rim feels bad for herself as well as for her family as she witnesses some absurdities back at home and she ends up crying in the swimming area. Hee-do witnesses this and get confused. She narrates this to her online friend and they both end up deciding to meet each other. Later on, Yi-jin fools around with Hee-do on their way home which results in the latter backlashing as she is hurt by his actions. In the final moments, Yoo-rim spots Hee-do with a yellow rose and realizes that she is none other than her online friend. As a result, she hands over her flower to Yi-jin and runs away.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9 will release on Saturday, 12th March 2022 at 21:10 KST. The upcoming episode will show us Yi-jin lying about him being Hee-do’s online friend as the latter seems to be very happy with this fact.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9 Streaming Details

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 9 will be available to watch in South Korea on tvN Network as it is the show’s original broadcaster. Moreover, international viewers can stream the show on Netflix, every Saturday and Sunday.

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