Business Proposal Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

In Business Proposal Episode 4, fans will witness a chaotic situation between the protagonists as the identity crisis is making its way forward. The ongoing K-drama has been entertaining viewers across the globe since its premiere last week on 28th February 2022. To date, the three episodes that have been out having brought a storm on the internet as the fans are laughing out loud after watching the drama. Moreover, the show is an example of a typical love story but with a twist in it. No wonder, these little changes have made the show one of the most anticipated releases of the month.

Business Proposal is an ongoing Korean drama by Park Sun-ho and is written by Han Sul-hee & Hong Bo-hee. Interestingly, the series is an adaptation of a famous webtoon that goes by the same name. The webtoon is a work by HaeHwa. Luckily, the star cast of Business Proposal is doing justice to the ones from the webtoon. Likewise, the lead couple Ahn Hyo-seop & Kim Se-jeong has received love from the audience and people are shipping for them. Also, Kim Min-kyu & Seol In-ah has been appreciated for their strong characterization in the series.

Romance and comedy is the leading genre of Business Proposal alongside it being an office romance, which is a famous category of the well-known K-dramas. Kakao Entertainment and StudioS have created the show alongside Kross Pictures. The show revolves around a cold CEO and his employee who meet on a blind date for the time only to fall in each other’s way in the future. As much as the show provides comic relief, Business Proposal Episode 4 is a highly expected release in the ongoing week.

Business Proposal
A still from Business Proposal

Business Proposal Episode 3 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 3 was released on Monday, 7th March 2022. The episode begins with Ha-ri accepting Tae-mu’s proposal of a contractual relationship for the sake of his grandfather. After mugging up every important information of Tae-mu’s past life and a fake background of her own, Shin Ha-ri gets ready to meet Chairman Kang Da-goo. In the meantime, Young-seo leaves her house after an argument with her father and crashes into Ha-ri’s house. After a tiring day, Ha-ri decides to share this with Min-woo only to find out that he is back with his ex-girlfriend.

This shatters her and she ends up crying on the street not knowing that Tae-mu is on call hearing her sobbing. The next day, the duo spend their day meeting with Tae-mu’s grandfather who acts weird initially in front of Ha-ri. However, after some time, he realizes that she is a sincere girl and accepts her as Tae-mu’s girlfriend. Later on, the three of them go out for having dessert when Chairman Da-goo notices concert tickets falling out from Ha-ri’s bag and drops them at the concert hall.

Business Proposal Episode 3
A still from Episode 3

Forced to watch the concert, Tae-mu enters the venue and tries to cope. On the other hand, Ha-ri enjoys the convert wholeheartedly. However, in the concert, she comes across a message from Min-woo and becomes the center of attraction. This message gives her closure for her feelings towards her longtime crush and she ends up crying throughout the concert. In the later scenes. Tae-mu comforts Ha-ri and things turn pretty well between them. In the final moments of the episode, Ha-ri enters a lift in her office with a swollen eye only to witness Tae-mu entering the same lift, as the bandage falls off her hands.


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Business Proposal Episode 4: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 4 will release on Tuesday, 8th March 2022 at 22:00 KST. The upcoming episode will show Shin Ha-ri trying her best to hide from the Chairman as well as Tae-mu. However, the show will tilt towards the love angle as well as Tae-mu will discover a soft corner for his fake girlfriend.


Business Proposal Episode 4 Streaming Details

Business Proposal Episode 4 will be available for the South Korean audience to watch on SBS Channel which is the show’s official broadcaster. Moreover, the international public can stream the Korean drama on Netflix, every Monday and Tuesday.

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