Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4 is an ongoing BL drama that has been entertaining the fans with its outstanding storyline and powerful characters. Yes, you heard it right, the new K-drama has become the talk of the town since its premiere on 24th February 2022. BL drama as a genre has evolved in folds in the last few years. Moreover, people are appreciating this form of series much more than before. Likewise, the characterization in such dramas has also grown stronger.

Hence, the show is gaining a lot from the sudden interest developed in the audience. The show is an adaptation of a famous manhwa of the same name. The latter has been illustrated and written by Bamwoo. After the success of manhwa as well as a webtoon, Cherry Blossoms After Winter is finally having its live-action adaptation. The series stars Ok Jin Uk & Kang Hui in the main roles. Also, we have Lee Hyun-Kyung, Cha Gun, Ji-won Shin & Hyunwook Kim in supporting roles.

It is a story that revolves around Hae Bom who lives with a new family after the death of his parents. Initially, he feels jealous of the boy of that family, Tae Seong. But destiny has some other plans for them as they end up in the same high school and hence, their lives change completely. No wonder, Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4 is discussed among the fans as they are moving towards progress in the lives of the protagonists.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter
A still from the show

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 3 Recap

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 3 was released on Thursday, 10th March 2022. The episode begins with Hae Bom and Tae Seong entering the classroom only to find their names written on the board with a heart between them. Although the trick annoys both of them, Tae Seong decides to ignore it and he sits on the desk beside Hae Bom. Later that day, Ji Ah befriends Hae Bom and tells him about her friendship with Tae Seong since middle school. Back at home, Hae Bom asks Tae Seong to go and hang out with his friends instead of worrying about the former.

He also confronts him about what Ji Ah told him. However, Tae Seong comforts his friend and asks him to join them. As a result, Hae Bom goes out with Tae Seong and his friends alongside his mother to a camping site. Throughout the camp, both of them enjoy and share some loving moments as Tae Seong’s friends are confused about his behavioral change. The rest of the night, all five of them enjoy food and bonfire with a growing bond between Tae Seong and Hae Bom.

K-drama Cherry Blossoms
Tae Seong and Hae Bom in episode 3

Later on, Yong Hee asks Tae Seong about his feelings for Hae Bom where the latter confesses that he wants to be with Hae Bom. On the other hand, Hae Bom asks one of Tae Seong’s friends more about his love interests and past life. Interestingly, she tells him that he falls under the category of people Tae Seong loves being around. In the final moments of the episode, the duo has a heartfelt conversation under the clear sky where Tae Seong accepted that he was unable to express his feelings in the past that’s why he ignored Hae Bom and not because of hatred towards Hae Bom.


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Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4 will release on Thursday, 17th March 2022 at 2:30 PM. The upcoming episode will bring Tae Seong and Hae Bom closer as they will feel each other’s importance in their lives and a love scene is expected between them.

Cherry Blossoms


Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4 Streaming Details

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Episode 4 can be watched on Rakuten Viki and WeTV as they are the show’s official distributors across the globe. One can latest episodes of the show every Thursday.

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