CBSE and Microsoft team up to provide encrypted board question papers

CBSE and Microsoft team upIn the latest of events related to the education department, Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE and Microsoft team up. CBSE is teaming up with Microsoft India to digitally encrypt the question papers for the Board examinations of classes 10th and 12th. This move will result in an enhancement to security and seamless distribution of the papers.

Microsoft tested the aforementioned solution in the CBSE compartmental examinations held recently, across 487 examination centers. Over 4,000 students appeared in the examination. According to Microsoft, the test was a success. The features used to encrypt and provide security to the question papers are a part of Office 365.

In this test, the controller of the examination was able to track the entire process using a software solution built on Windows 10 and Office 365. The overall process was automated to be highly secure with features like encryption, and two-factor authentication. The exam papers were made available to download to the centers only 30 minutes prior to the start of the examination.


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The exam papers will also have watermarks on them. In case if a paper is leaked, the individual center’s code imprinted on it will allow for the localization and traceability. Therefore ensuring better security.

CBSE and Microsoft Team up – Working of the process

In this process, there is a CBSE administrator who initiates the distribution of exam papers. As a result, emails are generated to the respective centers. These emails carry a link to One Drive where the exam paper (which is specific to the exam center) can be downloaded.


Microsoft also said that it is working closely with public and private institutions to help modernize education by imparting ICT skills training and providing low or no cost tech that helps students.

Commenting on the partnership, one of the Microsoft officials said

A strong education ecosystem is key to our nation’s development and Microsoft and CBSE are deeply committed to digitally transform the sector. Innovative implementation of technology has the potential to solve some of the most pressing issues faced by the sector. The success of this partnership with CBSE is proof of that potential. I am confident we are well on the way towards a digitally empowered education ecosystem.



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