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New Age Career Options Opened by the Blockchain Technology


After the rise of cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence, blockchain technology has seen a rapid growth in the past couple of years. In the job market too, blockchain – related jobs are amongst the top three fastest growing in the world. Industries, including the banking and financial services, are adopting the distributed ledger technology …

6 ways to earn money through blogging


Whether you are a professional or a student, who doesn’t like secondary income? Of course, you do. So how exactly can you make money in your free time? By selling products door to door? By binge watching commercials? Nah. That would be a very hectic task to do. How about if I tell you that …

Future of Mobile App Developers – 19% of future gaming development are on VR/AR: Report

mobile app developers

This is probably the most exciting time to be alive for the tech industry professionals. Big data, cloud computing, cryptography, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and what not – everything is evolving to be better. The end user experience for the consumers has been quite satisfactory with the development of AR/VR projects by …

Intel 9th gen processors said to launch on October 1

Intel 9th gen processors

The latest of Intel’s processors were launched in August 2017. It’s been well over a year and according to reports, Intel is gearing up to launch their new gen of mainstream processors. Intel 9th gen processors are about to make their debut. The date finalized is October 1. The Intel 9th gen processors are said …