AKTU releases Online Attendance Monitoring System for students

AKTU Lucknow launched ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM (AMS) on 14th August 2018 to get the real-time attendance of students of all affiliated colleges. This will improve the quality education system.

The student, on the other hand, will get his daily attendance on his dashboard via graphs showing him his/her attendance percentage subject wise. This will help him pre-alert from being detained.


The university detains the students from examination if he/she fails to have 75% attendance in the entire semester.

Users of the system

1. Institute director
2. Head Of Departments
3. Faculty
4. University Authorities
5. Students

How to use AKTU Attendance Monitoring System

Step 1: Institute director will log in at AKTU-ERP
Add sections which are referenced in your Institute like (A,B,C,D)
You can delete and re add a section as long as you haven’t mapped this section to any branch
semester. Screen is attached below


Step 2
Click on Section Mapping. Institute Director Or HOD can access this form.
Make relevant selection and assign all sections that exists for this selection.


Step 3
Click on Student to Section Menu.
Institute Director Or HOD can access this form.
If you have more than 60 students enrolled in one semester, then by default system will divided
your students to equal groups based on no. of sections you have provided.
If needed you can change this selection and submit.


Step 4
Creating a Register.
This is a 3 sub step process.
Firstly, create a Register for particular subject, give it a name.

Click Save and Next to move to 2nd sub step.
Secondly, assign this register to faculty. You may assign it to multiple faculty that may take class if
the main faculty is not present.


Thirdly, add a student Roll List to this register. You may add students from multiple section ( in
case of elective subjects). Choose all students required in that register. Make sure no student is
left unassigned.

Step 6
This step is meant faculties to mark attendance of students on daily basis. In case they have taken
more than one class in continuity, just type in the no. of classes (ex.3) and then mark the
attendance. Make sure to take the attendance on the same day.


AKTU AMS Student Login
The student will get his daily and overall attendance on his/her dashboard. There wil be two options for checking AKTU Attendance online through AKTU ERP Login.

1. My Todays Attendance

2. My Attendance Till Now (Check Screenshot)



  1. In spite of doing these things,AKTU ko examination ki copy checking pr jyada dhyan Dene ki zaroorat hai, bahut khasta haal hai.

  2. Pta nhi kaha se pakad k latey hai
    Teacher jinhey copy check krna nhi aata
    Aur challenge krne pr 39 no badh jatey hai
    Aur hadh to tb hoti hai jb challenge ka paisa wapas nhi krte
    Ghatiapanthi ki bharmaar hai AKTU mein

  3. Aktu me copy check krne k liye teacher nhi
    Garbage batorney waley jatey hai
    Jinhe content se nhi copy full ho isse mtlb hota hai
    Aur phir challenge krne pr 39 no bdh jatey
    Aur paisa bhi wapas nhi hota 5000
    Mai to kahta hu ye university hi bandh kr do
    Kabadi log road pr to aa jayenge
    Tb pta chalega students ki mehnat ka

  4. Curriculam change ke naam par bas course code like kabhi me312 kabhi nme 312 to next time rme312 and so on.. Pz benchmark with best institute of the world. Good subjects are being removed. It will make technically handicapped students. See the question papers. Many a times they repeat questions. Really situation is very bad..

  5. In spite of doing this useless thing update syllabus as per current industry requirements….
    Increase practicals and monitor whether institutions are applying those practices…
    And earn some credibility among industries.

    So much to work on………uff

  6. Aktu ka ye haal hai ki Mere 2 subject me
    NCE-402 me 39 marks aur
    NCE-504 me 21 marks increase huye
    Aur total 10000 kharch huye
    Ek bhi Ratti wapas nhi hua
    In kabadio ki checking ka yahi phal hai
    Aur Terms & conditions to IITs se bhi high-fi.

  7. aktu is’t a improving quality of education it only increasing no. of collages.Aur unme bsn rhe hai aise enggs jinhe engineering ki ‘e’ bhi nhi ati.

  8. First of all condition of AKTU is very very very bad. There are not teachers . some teachers are but they are primary class level this is the reason why students hate to go to college and it’s really true that the condition of AKTU is very very miserable.
    AKTU should pay their attention on question paper making and copy checking .Don’t know who check the copy . so much disappointed by the way of copy checking by AKTU.

  9. Quality of education will not improve by 75% attendence. AKTU have to think about quality of teachers and management system.

  10. This is the right way to improve the real condition of student
    Im so happy now known this statement
    Thanks a lot….
    all AKTU faculties….

  11. Aktu ke administrators shame on you. Students ke itne reviews Aur feedback ke bad bhi Ap log system ko improve your nhi kr rhe. Ap log is country ke education system ko Kis level tak girana chahte ho.

  12. Please improve your copy checking criteria .
    It is the worst quality of checking copies as you can see your failure
    Aktu is a failure.

  13. AKTU ke result mein bahut galtiyan rehti hai, jisse student ko marksheet, degree time par nahi mil pati hai, student passout to ho jata hai, lekin uske pass, pass hone ka proof nahi hota hai, result ko theek karane ke liye, college aur AKTU ke chakkar lagata rehta hai.
    AKTU ki kuchh khubiyan:-
    1. Carryover exam me pass hone ke baad bhi result status COP show rehta hai.
    2. Student exam mein present rehta hai, lekin aktu ki galti se ## ya AB ho jata hai,
    3. Carry over ka result time par nahi ata hai,
    4. Kabhi kabhi passing marks hone ke baad bhi carryover show hota hai.
    5. Result status mein PWG aur COP dono ek saath, student paresaan ki main pass hun ya carryover ka exam dena hai?
    Ye to kuchh khubiyan hai AKTU ki, iske alawa bhi bahut hai, jinko theek karwane ke liye student university ke chakkar lagata hai. Roj saikro student, AKTU student cell mein dikhai deta hai, AKTU ko is barein mein pehle dhyan dena chahiye. Student ka result time dena chahiye. Uprokt sabhi kamiyan technical hai. AKTU technical univeraity hain aur technical ke mamle mein bahut peechhe hai.

  14. The quality of education is very poor in aktu in 90% collages. Unskilled faculty. There is no discipline. In aktu….collages only take feess and fine ……….doesn’t matter. What they teach students….that is why ..more than 80% student in every year not get a job….they work in ..callcentre . Or work with in simple graduate students. ..the faculty have no knowledge. ………?????????

  15. Attendance is a good thing but AKTU should improve the quality of checking examination copies….. Many of students that goes to fail… So do strict on the subject of checking examination copies….

  16. The basic purpose of a private college is to provide you a degree only and here you are like just Rattu Tota
    Basic aim of college is to give only 100% result….chahe kaise v raata maar k
    Chahe tumhe Engineering ka E v aaye ya n aaye inko isse Matlab nahi

  17. There are many other things also needed to improve quality of education,like lab instruments,well educated faculties etc.Only 75% attendence will not improve quality of education

  18. Usi collage se b.tech pass-out hote hi b.tech Ko pada rage hai
    Jinko student khud bataye hai ki ye yaise hoga sir

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