Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind?

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind? Love Is Blind’s Abhishek’ Shake’ Chatterjee posts screenshots of his private messages with co-star Shayne Jansen on Instagram. According to the communications, his ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati and his co-star Kyle Abrams are dating. So far, this is what we know. The “Love Is Blind” season two reunion is bursting at the seams with delectable drama. “Are Kyle and Deepti Dating?” is a popular question.

However, rather than one of the numerous breakups, the most shocking revelation concerned an unsuspected link between two of the applicants. Kyle Abrams fires his shot and declares his love for Deepti Vempati, who famously gets engaged to Shake Chatterjee before breaking up with him after recounting how his relationship with Shaina Hurley was “a catastrophic waste of time.” Yes, we were both taken aback.

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating?

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind? Deepti and Kyle appear to be flirting online despite the fact that they haven’t made things official. Deepti replied, “Meet you at Midnight in Paris,” with a fire and a hot emoji, to a shot Kyle posted on Instagram on March 3. During Season 2 of Love Is Blind, Deepti spoke about her emotional connection to Kyle in an interview. She stated, “A lot of people don’t realise Kyle and I had a fairly strong connection in the pods.” He was her No. 2 person, so it wasn’t completely unexpected. They do have something in common. Hearing it was both inspiring and wonderful.”

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind
Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind

She then added to the already smouldering embers of speculation by remarking on being visible in the backdrop of Kyle’s TikTok. “The rumours are hilarious,” she said. It’s a little taunting, but it’s amusing. Kyle and she have a fantastic friendship. They’re still trying to figure things out.” It’ll be interesting to see whether anything comes of Deepti and Kyle’s friendship. Love Is Blind fans are rooting for the couple, hoping they find true love.

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What Kyle has to say about Deepti?

He is sincerely repentant. Kyle hoped he could travel back in time and propose to Deepti. Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the hosts, are informed by Abrams. He continued by saying that he should have put in more effort for her. He adores her and thinks she’s the best. He claimed to have witnessed what was happening right in front of his eyes. Meanwhile, Vempati sits back and chuckles on the other couch, as the conversation quickly goes to what happened between Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen.


Although Abrams’ comment is surprising, it appears that he and Vempati had a close friendship that was just not shown on television, with the producers preferring to focus on their respective relationships with Hurley and Chatterjee. In separate interviews last month, Abrams and Vempati hinted at rekindling their romance. “I’m kind of exploring that,” Vempati said when asked if she’s revisiting any connections from the pods.

After the two swapped selfies on their Instagram Stories last month, fans of “Love Is Blind” speculated that Vempati was dating fellow contestant Salvador Perez, but those allegations were immediately refuted when Abrams shared a TikTok with Vempati the day before the reunion programme appeared on Netflix. The two have been posting love remarks on one other’s Instagram photographs on a daily basis since season two aired.

Shake and Shayne’s private messages indicates that Kyle and Deepti are dating

From January 15, 2022, through March 4, Shake posted a screenshot of his communications with Kyle. Shake writes, “I have a theory.” And I’m quite sure I’m right. Kyle and Deeps will almost certainly declare their relationship at the reunion.” Shake writes, “Oh, I know.” For them, I’d be ecstatic. But if it happens, it will be completely out of love.” Shayne responds, “Dude Kyle would give you a heads up.”


Shake’s Instagram feud with Kyle

Shake started an Instagram feud with Kyle on March 2. According to a snapshot shared by the official Love Is Blind Instagram account, “Kyle left a provocative comment that read, ‘Just me enjoying the trainwreck.” Shake then spoke directly to his co-star. Shake then added to the chaos by posting a series of Instagram Stories condemning Kyle’s character. “Hey Kyle, Everyone in Chicago knows you’re a serial cheater,” Shake wrote alongside a photo of Kyle. “I’m hoping your six-pack makes up for your lack of commitment.”

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind
Are Kyle and Deepti Dating From Love Is Blind

Shake later uploaded photos of an Instagram direct message in which she claimed to have dated Kyle and that their relationship ended in infidelity. Kyle regrets not proposing to Deepti sooner. During the March 4 Love Is Blind reunion event, Kyle surprised viewers by saying his biggest regret was not pursuing a relationship with Deepti. “It was just a complete waste of time,” he continued. But I have one significant regret. The fact that I should have… is my greatest regret. Deepti [Vempati] was the one I should have proposed to. That is the most crucial lesson I’ve learnt. “I made a mistake.” Kyle’s ex-fiancée, Shaina, said, “Deepti is great.” “She is,” says the narrator. Deepti’s ex, Shake, agreed as well.

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