Asia Adams Murder: Everything You Need to Know

What do you know about Asia Adams Murder? Where have Thomas Strode and Simeon Bozic disappeared to? What’s going on now in the Asia Adams case? This is the question that is generating so much consternation these days. Don’t worry, we’ll respond to any of your questions. Residents of Germantown, Maryland, were stunned when Asia Adams, a 21-year-old university student, was brutally murdered in her home in November 2004. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide City: Germantown Tragedy’ dives into the horrific events of her death. Let’s take a closer look at the historic case and how her killers were apprehended.

How Did Asia Adams Die?

What was the reason behind Asia Adams Murder? Asia Adams was a 21-year-old psychology major at West Chester University in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was a scholarship student who aspired to work as a nurse. Asia was described by everyone as a pleasant, polite, and outgoing young lady who was very close to her mother, Shelah Harper. The young student had visited her mother in Germantown the weekend before the event after returning home from college.

Asia Adams Murder
Asia Adams Murder

During Asia’s visit in November 2004, Shelah departed on a business trip while Asia stayed at the residence. On November 8, 2004, however, things went from bad to worse when their neighbours heard a disturbance and observed smoke streaming from the second floor of the house. When firefighters and police officers arrived on the scene, they were faced with a horrific scene.


In one of the second-floor bedrooms, a woman’s body was discovered. Not only was it badly burned, but it was also naked from the waist down. After additional investigation, they revealed that the deceased died as a result of multiple stab wounds, a throat laceration, and wounds to the neck and head. As a result, the fire was deliberately lit to obscure the killer’s traces. After Shelah returned, Asia, who was killed on November 7, 2004, was recognised.

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Who Killed Asia Adams?

Who was responsible for Asia Adams Murder? The police recovered Asia’s purse on the bottom floor, which was missing cash and credit cards, as they began their inquiry. Shelah further mentioned that the cards had been used to withdraw money from a variety of ATMs. The cops were unable to locate any surveillance because the cameras were not operating. Shelah’s involvement has likewise been ruled out.


The police gained a crucial lead when Asia’s friend, Alexis Bethea Lopes, came forward and told them about a man named Napoleon, who the slain student was dating at the time of her death. Since August 2004, she’d met him on the street and they’d been dating for a few months. As the police began their hunt for Napoleon, Alexis sent them to Simeon Bozic, the suspect’s close friend.

After doing a background check, the police discovered Simeon had a criminal history, including a suspended driver’s licence and theft convictions. When Simeon was not found at his mother’s residence, the cops decided to look into Napoleon’s alleged ex-wife, April Strode. She went on to say that his real name was Thomas Strode and that they had only been married a year. According to subsequent investigation, Thomas had previously been charged with burglary and narcotics possession.

Simeon called the detectives a few days later and admitted to killing Asia with Thomas. According to the former, they were at Asia’s house on the night of the murder when she requested them to leave abruptly after an incident. While she was trying to lock the house and set the alarm, Thomas struck her in the head with a vase. He then began stabbing her in the chest, and when she got unconscious, he and Simeon pulled her into the basement. At this point, Asia’s clothes were removed and she was placed on a chair in the basement.


Simeon alleged that Thomas instructed him to strike the girl in the face with a shovel after she regained consciousness. They repeatedly harmed Asia after Thomas “threatened” him to cut her throat. When she died, the couple escaped with her pocketbook, which included $500, credit cards, and keys. They returned the next morning, wrapped her in a comforter, and carried her upstairs to the front bedroom. To disguise their tracks, they set fire to the house after burying her in the bed.

On November 15, 2004, Thomas and Simeon were detained and interrogated all night. The next day, both of them admitted to being engaged in Asia’s murder and were charged with first-degree murder, robbery, arson, weapons charges, and other crimes. Thomas also said in his confession that they killed Asia over a disagreement with her about him and Simeon.

Asia Adams Murder
Asia Adams Murder

Where are Thomas Strode and Simeon Bozic Today?

Simeon Bozic was seriously convicted of all of the aforementioned charges in November 2007, but was offered a plea agreement in which he agreed to testify against Thomas Strode in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. In exchange for not facing the death penalty, Thomas was also found guilty and agreed to forego his right to appeal. When asked if he was sorry, he stated he had “shown his repentance to God three years ago in his cell block.” Simeon, on the other hand, filed a court petition in October 2017 to challenge the validity of his sentence.


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