Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2? Renewed Or Cancelled?

Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2? Given the growing global popularity of Korean drama, thanks in part to streaming platforms like Netflix and mega-hits like Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead, a show like Juvenile Justice is a lot more plausible proposition for renewal than it might have been just a few years ago. Of course, Netflix has been publishing high-quality k-drama on a regular basis for a long time, but generally twice a week, as it does with episodes like Thirty-Nine. However, the service’s full-season binge-release approach appears to be gaining traction. It’s still too early to assess the popularity of this latest release, but fans will undoubtedly be eager about the possibility of a second season of Juvenile Justice, so here’s what we know:

Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2?

Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2? Well, It’s simply too early to know right now. Netflix likes to keep a watch on viewership before making significant choices about shows like this, and while Juvenile Justice hasn’t erupted in popularity like some other Korean releases, it’s worth keeping an eye on sites like Netflix’s Top 10 to see how it’s doing.

Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2
Will there be a Juvenile Justice Season 2

The possibility of a renewal, on the other hand, is a another storey. Netflix will be on the search for popular properties now that the Korean market is expanding in mainstream popularity, and Juvenile Justice’s model is well-suited to a continuance. Given that it follows the judges in a juvenile court, there are countless stories to tell, yet given its episodic character, it’s worth considering the likelihood that the show will change to a weekly model.


What is Juvenile Justice about?

Juvenile Justice is a South Korean television series created and directed by Hong Jong-chan about Eun-seok, a prickly judge at a district juvenile court who has a particular hatred for youthful offenders. She learns how critical issues like institutional inequity, misogyny, neglect, trauma, and parental failures all collude to aggravate serious child criminality over the course of 10 episodes, while her personal and professional life eventually converge.

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