Thirty-Nine Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 7 will mark the second half of the mini-series starring Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do & Kim Ji-hyun in lead roles which have created a storm on the internet. The ongoing Korean drama revolves around the lives of three friends who have been together for a long time. It is a journey of three women in their late thirties who have been through good and bad times and yet are about to face one of the biggest problems of their lives. Thirty-Nine is an emotional drama is that set to make us cry hard with every passing episode.

The show is created by JTBC under the direction of Kim Sang-ho and is written by Yoo Yeong-ah. Moreover, the show falls under the genre of romantic drama making our hearts and minds go crazy. Lotte Cultureworks and JTBC Studios have produced the show in collaboration with Choi Byung-hwan & Kim Se-ah. The series will receive a total of 12 episodes over a span of time. Thirty-Nine has received a heavy viewership since its premiere on 16th February 2022.

Till now, the fans have been very emotional after watching the protagonists trying hard to cope with the ongoing situation in their lives. Although each one of them has been kind of able to able to find love in their respective lives, the medical condition of Chan-Young has created a barrier. Hence, Thirty-Nine Episode 7 has been a hot topic of discussion among the fans, and are eagerly waiting for the release.

Thirty-Nine Episode 7
A still from Thirty-Nine

Thirty-Nine Episode 6 Recap

Thirty-Nine Episode 6 was out on Thursday, 3rd March 2022, and was titled “Conviction“. The episode begins with a flashback of the school days where the three friends have been supportive of each other and towards an honest Mi-jo. Coming back to the present, Seon-woo’s father joins So-won and Mi-jo at dinner and makes everyone uncomfortable. However, Mi-jo sides with So-won when he criticizes her for acting like an orphan. Later on, Chan-young spots Mi-jo sitting on a swing at a park and joins her. The conversation between the two friends is enough to swell up our eyes as they both end up crying over the former’s health.

The next day Mi-jo and Joo-hee discuss Chan-young’s condition which makes the former sad and Seon-woo spots her sitting alone in a cafe. To help her, he brings a number of books, puzzles & art supplies to distract her mind. Well, this is bound to strengthen their bond to a great extent. In the meantime, So-won visits her orphanage, keeping Mi-jo in her mind. On the other hand, Joo-hee and Hyun-joon have a heartfelt conversation about their lives. Later on, the three friends share a night together creating beautiful memories to rely on in the future.

Thirty-Nine Episode 7
A still from Episode 6

The next day, Joo-hee has an argument with a customer and she quits her job, whereas, Mi-jo spends her day with Seon-woo. In the meantime, Chan-young’s mother drops at her house while the former was having lunch with Jin-seok. As the evening approaches, everyone gathers at Chan-young’s house and seems to be enjoying their time. But, Jin-seok’s wife comes there to ruin the mood and luckily Mi-jo opens the door. The latter drags her out of the building and begs her to leave and not ruin the happiest moment of Chan-young’s life. With this, Jin-seok’s wife leaves after an argument and Mi-jo falls unconscious into Seon-woo’s arms.


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Thirty-Nine Episode 7: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 7 will release on Wednesday, 16th March 2022 at 22:30 KST. The upcoming episode will be titled “The Inconvenient Truth“. As the upcoming episode will see the going chemistry between Joo-hee & Hyun-joon as well as Mi-jo & Seon-woo, Chan-young will move towards fulfilling her wishes. But, a sad twist is around the corner.


Thirty-Nine Episode 7 Streaming Details

Thirty-Nine Episode 7 will be available for the viewers in South Korea to stream on JTBC Channel. Moreover, the international audience can watch the show on Netflix, every Wednesday and Thursday.

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