Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

With the release of Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15, the show will shift into its final leg as this episode will be the second last episode of the series. Even though the series is coming to end, fans are eagerly waiting for the last two episodes to roll down the screens and entertain us. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is one of those ongoing television series that has been hyped up by many celebrities like BTS Jungkook. Hence, more people have started watching the show and are finding it thrilling.

The series promises to give us a feeling of nostalgia as it is entirely set in the late 90s. No wonder, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is an interesting topic of discussion among viewers across the globe. Even the western community is excited about the show’s ending as things between Hee-do and Yi-jin are finally moving towards a Romantic turn. The coming-of-age drama is finally entering its romantic mode as the main couple is falling hard for each other. Isn’t it interesting? Well, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is created by Kim Young-kyu and tvN’s Hong Ki-sung.

Moreover, Jung Ji-hyun is directing the show alongside writer Kwon Do-eun. Likewise, Hwa&Dam Pictures and Studio Dragon are major contributors to the ongoing K-drama. The show starring Kim Tae-ri, Bona, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Joo-myung & Choi Hyun-wook has been receiving love and appreciation from viewers with a constant increase in viewership with the release of new episodes. The drama is filled with quirky jokes and melodrama. As a result, Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15 is a much-needed and anticipated release of the week.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15
A still from Twenty-five Twenty-one

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 13 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 13 begins with Hee-do and Yi-jin’s kiss on New Year’s Eve which makes things awkward between the two. On the way home, Hee-do confesses her feelings to Yi-jin however the latter does not respond the way she expected him to. The next day, Hee-do, Yu-rim, and Seung-wan go on a drive with Ji-woong. Interestingly, this whole event turns out to be hilarious for the fans as the youngsters struggle in parking the car after returning home.

In the meantime, Yi-jin discovers the truth behind the on and off relationship between Hee-do’s mother and coach Chan-mi. Later, he finds Hee-do waiting for him at his doorstep and they go out to eat something warm. However, their small meeting turns out awkward when Yi-jin thinks that she is going to kiss him again. Late that night, a drunk Yi-jin calls Hee-do to express his feelings but ends up calling Ji-woong and is teased by him in the morning.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15
Yi-jin and Hee-do in episode 13

Meanwhile, Yu-rim and Hee-do prepare for their final event as a team and fortunately win the competition. Everything goes smooth until the moment Yi-jin describes the sports event with some emotional touch. This makes him receive harsh words from his seniors. As a result, he asks Hee-do to maintain some distance from him which breaks her as she keeps begging him to not leave her. In the final moments, Yi-jin melts and seals the moment of love with a kiss.


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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 14 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 14 begins with Min-chae searching about Yi-jin and Hee-do and realizes that they never were a part of any scandal. We again go back in time when Yi-jin and Hee-do hang out with their friends after telling them about their feelings for each other. Things then turn hard when Yu-rim’s family meets an accident and they fall into a huge debt. To help her family, Yu-rim decides to change her nationality and join the Russian team. This shocks everyone and specially Hee-do as she is the first one to know about her decision.

Everyone supports her decision and helps her in making special memories before she leaves for Russia. In the meantime, Yi-jin is torn between his duties as a reporter and his responsibilities toward the ones he loves. It is hard for him to report Yu-rim’s issue but he has to and Yu-rim gives him the courage to do so. But, this creates misunderstandings between the young couple as Hee-do lashes out at Yi-jin for his report. Later on, the reporters startle Yu-rim by capturing her on the campus as Hee-do comes for her rescue.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15
Yu-rim and Hee-do in episode 14

The whole they spend together avoiding the reporters and creating memories before Yu-rim leaves for Russia. She even learns to speak for herself and let everyone know that she is not a traitor. Finally, she receives an emotional farewell from everyone at the airport. In the meantime, Ji-woong is unaware of Yu-rim’s sudden departure and he rushes toward her and pours out his heart before she leaves. In the final moments, Yi-jin breaks as he finds people calling Yu-rim a traitor and feels guilty about his actions.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15 will release on Saturday, 2nd April 2022 at 21:10 KST. The upcoming episode will show us Yi-jin and Hee-do’s growing love as they will fight against society to stay together. Will they be able to stick to each other?


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15 Streaming Details

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15 will be available for the viewers to stream on tvN network. Moreover, international fans can watch the show on Netflix, this Saturday and Sunday.

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