Thirty-Nine Episode 11: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 11 is one of the most expected episodes of the series. This is obvious because of the simple fact that it will be the second last episode of the mini-series consisting of a total of 12 episodes. The Son Ye-jin starring show features Jeon Mi-do & Kim Ji-hyun in lead roles alongside the Crash Landing On You star. Moreover, we have Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Tae-hwan & Lee Moo-saeng in supporting roles as the love interests of our leading ladies.

As we all know that Thirty-Nine is an ongoing Korean Drama revolving around the lives of three friends in their late thirties. Everything seems like going okay in their lives when one of them is diagnosed with a serious illness. This is when their lives change and what happens next is what the story is all about. Interestingly, fans have been super excited about the show to roll down. Likewise, it has received immense appreciation from viewers across the globe.

Thirty-Nine is created by JTBC Studios under the direction of Kim Sang-ho. Moreover, Yoo
Yeong-ah has written the show. In the episodes till now, we have seen Mi-jo facing various issues while trying to make her friend the happiest terminally ill person. Son Ye-jin’s powerful acting has made her role way more effective and tears are a regular visitor while watching the show. Hence, it is obvious that the release of Thirty-Nine Episode 11 is eagerly demanded by the viewers.

Thirty-Nine Episode 11
A still from the show

Thirty-Nine Episode 9 Recap

Thirty-Nine Episode 9 begins with Mi-jo visiting her biological mother at the prison which turns out to be a devastating meeting. She ends up crying hard after leaving the cell abruptly as her mother talks about weird things. Later on, she goes to her parent’s home and spends some quality time with them, hiding the day’s event from them. On the other hand, Chan-young’s parents come to meet her and decide to stay in the city, close to her. The next day, Seon-woo’s father meets Mi-jo to convince her from stepping back from her relationship with his son.

However, she takes her stands firmly leaving him speechless. In the meantime, Jin-seok’s wife and Chan Young meet and the former confess what she did and why she did. Later on, Chan Young has another heartfelt conversation with Jin-seok about their past and future. In the meantime, Seon-woo meets his father and ends up arguing with him over Mi-jo. Further in the episode, he takes Mi-jo out on a date and proposes to her for marriage and they both gladly move ahead in their relationship.

Thirty-Nine Episode 9
A still from Episode 9

Surprisingly, Mi-jo’s biological mother finds her clinic’s number and calls her, sending Mi-jo in a state of confusion. On the other hand, while shopping for her mother’s birthday, Chan Young starts having serious symptoms as she collapses. As a result, she is unable to grab the cake for her mother which saddens her. But her friends make it possible somehow and the episode finally ends with the three of them giggling and laughing together.


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Thirty-Nine Episode 10 Recap

Thirty-Nine Episode 10 begins with the video of the three friends throwing a brick at a cake shop going viral which creates a sense of joy in their lives. Moreover, Chan Young’s acting day arrives as everyone gets super excited about the same. Later on, Mi-jo and Seon-woo visit the orphanage and meet his sister. There, Mi-jo comforts So-won and asks her to think about piano once again. However, a strange man meets Mi-jo in her clinic telling her that her biological mother owes him something.

In the meantime, Chan Young meets Jin-seok’s son. Later on, Mi-jo’s elder sister meets Joo-hee and Chan Young and asks them to spill the truth. She grows worried about Mi-jo ever since that man left the clinic, leaving Mi-jo quite frightened. In the meantime, Mi-jo calls her mother to meet her and spills everything that happened in the past few days. This leads to a heartfelt conversation between the mother-daughter duo, calming down the latter.

Thirty-Nine Episode 10
Mi-jo and her mother

Later on, Joo-hee complains about Mi-jo keeping secrets from her and expresses her fear that after Chan Young, things will not remain the same between the two of them. Thankfully, they all meet for dinner at Joo-hee’s house and confront everything with her mother. With this everyone gets closure on this topic. Likewise, things between Joo-hee and Mi-jo turn out well. Towards the end of the episode, Mi-jo is seen going to the prison to meet her mother alone to clear up the mess.

Thirty-Nine Episode 11: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 11 will release on Wednesday, 30th March 2022 at 22:30 KST. The upcoming episode will take us close to the final moments of Chan Young as she will make memories with her friends and Jin-seok. But, will that be easy for them to lose Chan Young in front of their eyes?


Thirty-Nine Episode 11 Streaming Details

Thirty-Nine Episode 11 will be available for the viewers to watch on JTBC Channel across the television screens in South Korea. However, international fans can stream the series on its international broadcaster Netflix, every Wednesday and Thursday.

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