Rookie Cops Episode 13: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Rookie Cops Episode 13 is one of the most anticipated episodes the series has ever made as it will uncover a number of hidden facts that are important for the story’s progress. Moreover, the plot is gradually moving towards a darker shade of life where the young aspirants have to deal with the heinous realities of society. Rookie Cops is an ongoing Korean drama based on the lives of students of the Korean National Police University.

Studying and training at this prestigious university come with a price that each one of them has to pay. The show is being created by Studio&NEW under the direction of Kim Byung-soo. Rookie Cops falls under the genre of coming-of-age drama and a romantic youth drama. Likewise, Lee Ha-na has written the show. Fans all over the world have been crushing over the young protagonists of the show with Kang Daniel & Chae Soo-bin making a cute couple.

On the other hand, the chemistry between Lee Shin-young as Kim Tak & Shin Ah-ri, played by Cheon Young-min, will be an interesting part of the show. Hence, Rookie Cops have been among the top choices of the fans to search in the ongoing as well as upcoming week. Rookie Cops Episode 13 is set to swipe us off our feet with some shocking revelations. However, the love stories will be there to provide us with some comfort as well.

Rookie Cops Episode 13
A still from Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Episode 11 Recap

Rookie Cops Episode 11 was released on Wednesday, 2nd March 2022. The episode begins with Seung-hyeon calling the owner of the exchanged phone and ends up meeting Jo Han-sol’s secretary. Although he is suspicious since he met the owner in a flustered state, he decides to skip it. In the meantime, we see a flashback where Jo Han-sol blackmails Min Hae-ji and traps her as she tells him about leaking his footage and his reality. In other scenes, things between Kim Tak and Ah-ri heat up as they end up being together. And to our surprise, Dae-il’s desires grow after he watches a carefree Han-na in the nightclub.

Later on, Eun-gang and Seung-hyeon confront the former’s sister who tells them about Hae-ji and that she is nowhere to be found. The suspicion is growing but there is nothing that these students can do. However, Dae-il plans a trip with the friends in an attempt to spend time with Han-na, but the latter is unable to come with them due to her mother. Surprisingly, Dae-il witnesses Ha-na with her mother and their issues. He unexpectedly gives her a comfortable shoulder and makes her feel okay with her friends.

Rookie Cops
A still from Episode 11

The students enjoy their trip a lot in each other’s company as the chemistry between Seung-hyeon & Eun-gang as well as Kim Tak & Ah-ri is there to smoothen up the pace before some serious mishaps that are yet to happen. In between the scenes, Jo Han-sol‘s true character is shown where he proves to be a controlling freak. In the final moments of the episode, Han-sol’s secretary leaves an unconscious Hae-ji near a lighthouse. Moreover, we see a time in the future where Eun-gang puts flowers over someone’s photo as one of her friends will not be able to make their way to the graduation.


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Rookie Cops Episode 12 Recap

Rookie Cops Episode 12 was out on Wednesday, 2nd March 2022. The episode begins with the protagonists spending their time on the beach watching the sunrise. As they head towards the lighthouse, they spot a girl lying almost lifeless and they are right. She is none other than Hae-ji as they report it to the police. Interestingly, Kang Nam-gi is the associated detective of the case. Seung-hyeon iterates everything he knew and the suspicions he had to help with the case, however, the reason for death came out as an overdose of drugs as the students head back home.

Later on, Kim Tak visits Seung-hyeon at his home and meets the latter’s father who has had a background check on Tak. The old man talks harshly with Tak which embarrasses Seung-hyeon as the latter apologizes for his father’s rude behavior. There we come across Kim Tak’s past as he thinks of his elder brother who was once an alumnus of the same university as his. In the latter parts, Dae-il is admitted to the hospital owing to his toe fracture and while leaving the hospital, they again come across Han-sol. Moreover, Han-sol’s secretary texts Eun-gang’s sister to retrieve Hae-ji’s laptop from her. Luckily, Eun-gang stops her sister from doing so and cross-examines the unknown caller.

Rookie Cops Episode 12
A still from Episode 12

After getting defeated at this attempt, the cunning secretary sends his man to Eun-gang’s house to retrieve the laptop but thankfully the latter is able to stop the mishap with the help of her parents. In the meantime, Seung-hyeon & Kim Tak comes across Professor Cha, who knows both Tak and his dead elder brother as he fondly looks at him. In the final moments of the episode, the lead trio opens up the mysterious laptop after a lengthy process and finds an objectionable video. Finally, she is able to spot the real culprit as she shares this information with Seung-hyeon.

Rookie Cops Episode 13: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Rookie Cops Episode 13 will release on Wednesday, 9th March 2022 at 17:00 KST. The upcoming episode will turn darker as the students will face the evils of Han-sol. Moreover, things are expected to go hard for Seung-hyeon, Kim Tak & Eun-gang leaving the viewers in awe.

K-drama Rookie Cops


Rookie Cops Episode 13 Streaming Details

Rookie Cops Episode 13 will be available to stream on Disney+ for both the South Korean as well as the international audience as the show is Star’s first original Korean drama. The show releases two episodes every Wednesday.

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