Business Proposal Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

With the release of Business Proposal Episode 9, we will move into the second half of the show and a little closer to the lives of Ha-ri and Tae-mu. People have been crushing over the main leads since the show was announced. Little did they know that with the release of new episodes, they will fall in love with the second leads as well. Well, this is the story of every successful K-drama, isn’t it? As we all know that Business Proposal is an office romance with a slight twist.

Met on an unexpected blind date, how SHin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-mu fall in love with each other is the essence of the series. Moreover, their friends are supposed to be together as the second lead. These two love stories have made the series receive appreciation from viewers across the globe. The Ahn Hyo-seop starring show features Kim Se-jeong as his love interest alongside Kim Min-kyu as his secretary and the second lead. Likewise, Seol In-ah plays the role of Ha-ri’s best friend.

She is the cause behind Ha-ri’s meeting with Tae-mu. Business Proposal is a blend of romance and comedy as the characters are doing their job perfectly in entertaining the viewers. The show is created by Kakao Entertainment & StudioS and is an adaptation of a famous webtoon. Hence, fans are eagerly waiting to know what turn will Ha-ri and Tae-mu’s relationship will take with the release of Business Proposal Episode 9.

Business Proposal Episode 9
A still from the show

Business Proposal Episode 7 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 7 begins with Tae-mu introducing himself as Ha-ri’s boyfriend in front of his friends and they all end up eating dinner with them. There, he flaunts his feelings for Ha-ri and gains appreciation from her friends. Later, they spend the night in the same hotel room. The next day, Tae-mu tries to impress everyone and takes them on his private yacht where he competes with Min-woo.

However, he fails to analyze Ha-ri’s health and feels guilty about it. Dropping her off at home, he confesses his feelings for her and gives her some time to think about it. In the meantime, Young-seo leaves abruptly after sleeping with Sung-hoon and starts avoiding him. This irritates the latter and he asks for an explanation. Luckily, they both confess their feelings and start dating.

Episode 7 Business Proposal
A still from Episode 7

Back to Ha-ri, she ignores Tae-mu for a week which annoys him. Lastly, they end up in front of each other at the company’s shoot where Ha-ri shares the screen with Min-woo. This makes Tae-mu jealous and he confronts Ha-ri and asks about her decision. Initially, she rejects him stating that they would never work owing to their differences. But at the end of the discussion, she ends up initiating a kiss and with this, the episode ends.


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Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 8 begins with Ha-ri calling the kiss a mistake and asking Tae-mu to forget it. However, for the President, it is a big thing to forget. Hence, he asks her to compensate for this mistake. First, he takes her to an expensive restaurant and asks her to pay for the food. However, he plays piano over there and impresses her. In the meantime, Young-seo cooks dinner for Sung-hoon which tastes bad and the latter gives an honest review, annoying Young-seo to a great extent.

Later on, the new couple goes on a mountain climbing date, and Young-seo snaps at Sung-hoon for always taking Tae-mu’s side. However, their love is enough to calm them down. On the other hand, Tae-mu asks Ha-ri to compensate by spending a day with him in the amusement park. There, he shares a loving memory of his parents with her. Later on, he pays Ha-ri’s father’s hospital expenses as he undergoes emergency surgery. The fun fact over here is that she introduces Tae-mu with a fake identity to her parents.

Business Proposal Episode 8
Ha-ri and Tae-mu in Episode 8

Unfortunately, Min-woo finds out about Ha-ri and Tae-mu’s contractual relationship and he lashes out at the latter. Due to some misunderstanding, Tae-mu thinks that Ha-ri took his friend’s side and he feels extremely hurt. In the meantime, the Chairman sets him up on a blind date with Young-seo’s cousin. This stresses out Ha-ri as she realizes her feelings for Tae-mu and decides to meet him and confess. Towards the end of the episode, the most-wanted couple finally confesses and starts their relationship.

Business Proposal Episode 9: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 9 will release on Monday, 28th March 2022 at 22:00 KST. The upcoming episode will show us the budding romance between Ha-ri and Tae-mu as they hide their relationship from their colleagues.


Business Proposal Episode 9 Streaming Details

Business Proposal Episode 9 is available to watch on SBS TV which is the show’s original broadcaster in South Korea. However, international fans can stream the show on Netflix, every Monday and Tuesday.

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