Rookie Cops Episode 9 Release Date: Plotline, Preview, & More

When is Rookie Cops Episode 9 Release Date? The release date for Rookie Cops Episode 9 is already generating headlines. The wait is finally over as the release date for Rookie Cops Episode 9 has been confirmed. Well, we’ve all been waiting for Seung Hyeon and Eun Gang’s relationship to begin in ‘Rookie Cops’ Episode 9. We even learned that Seung Hyeon’s father was involved in the death of Kim Tak’s brother. Will Seung Hyeon ever learn about this period in his father’s life? On the other hand, how will Tak respond if he learns that his friend’s father was responsible for his brother’s death?

One of the significant differences between the current batch of KNPU students is that they are unafraid not to stop in front of people in positions of power or seniority if something goes wrong. The saga It’s a lot of fun to watch because it concentrates on the daily life of rookie cops. One thing is certain in the current episodes: Kim Tak’s expression dominates the show. Even just watching him is entertaining and endearing, and Ari’s connection with him may take off. However, based on Tak’s appearance, we still have time. The drama is slowly revealing the depths of the characters, and there is still a lot to see.

Rookie Cops Episode 9 Release Date

When is Rookie Cops Episode 9 Release Date? Episode 9 of ‘Rookie Cops’ will be released on February 23, 2022. Every week on Wednesdays, the drama airs. Rookie Cops has a very great vibe, and the viewer can relate to it on a personal level because it is focused on the youth with a university theme. In addition, several of the characters are quite endearing. Two episodes of the drama are released on the same day.

Rookie Cops Episode 9
Rookie Cops Episode 9

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Rookie Cops Episode 8 Recap:

Eung Gang and Juchan spend a few lighthearted moments while joking around. Meanwhile, Seung Hyeon discovers that they are both together, which irritates him a little. Juchan and Eun Gang decide to meet in the evening after she promised to treat him to a drink the next morning while training. Seung Hyeon searched every café for them before settling on the proper one. He overheard Eun Gang admitting that she likes Juchan as well in one situation, but he left before she could finish her sentence. Juchan approached her with a proposal, asking if she still liked him, as it appeared that he had developed affections for her. Eun Gang, on the other hand, said that she now just sees him as a senior and that she has affections for someone else.

Eun Gang injured her toe the night before the 47th Cheongram Sports Festival. Everyone gave it their all over the days of the sports festival. Eun Gang was in charge during her segment. Her toe, on the other hand, began to hurt. She sought Han Na for assistance as everyone else was passing her by, but he initially refused. Seung Hyeon, like others, was worried about Han Na and Eun Gang, who had yet to arrive.


They found out later that Han Na was carrying Eun Gang on her back, and the competition was finally over. When the episode finished, we saw Han Na become tearful after being praised for not abandoning her friend. The day came to a close with an outstanding performance by both the seniors and the freshmen. While fireworks graced the night sky, Seung Hyeon and Eun Gang finally had their moment when they confessed to each other.

Rookie Cops Episode 9 Preview:

Finally, Eun Gang and Seung Hyeon admitted their affection for each other. As a result, there will be many more meaningful moments to watch. Professor Yoo Gon, on the other hand, appears to know more dark secrets about the university, which we are slowly learning about. Meanwhile, we still don’t know what Nam Gi’s true motivation is, and we don’t even know what he’s planning next, so it will be a fascinating watch.

Rookie Cops Episode 9
Rookie Cops Episode 9

Where To Watch Rookie Cops Episode 9 Online?

On Disney+, Rookie Cops Episode 9 will be accessible. To watch the drama, you’ll need to purchase a membership. Aside from that, the drama is also available online. It will be shown at 1:30 p.m. IST.


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