Ghost Doctor Episode 15: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Ghost Doctor Episode 15 is all set to roll down the floors in the upcoming week. With the release of this episode, the show will enter its final stage making the fans eager about the show’s conclusion. Till now, the ongoing K-drama has been entertaining fans all over the world with its amazing content. However, as the show proceeds towards the end, it is set to provide us with a satisfying end but with a respective twist in the plot. Ghost Doctor is a medical drama with a touch of fantasy making it one of the most-loved medical dramas of the South Korean industry.

The show premiered on 3rd January 2022 and since then, the number of viewers has been increasing with the release of every new episode. Ghost Doctor stars Kim Bum, Rain, Uee, and Son Na-eun in main roles. This drama has been a treat for Rain’s fans who were waiting for the singer-songwriter’s comeback after he was seen in a drama in the year 2019. On the other hand, Bu Seong-cheol is directing the show alongside producer Kim Seon-sun.

Also, Ghost Doctor is produced by Studio Dragon and Bon Factory Worldwide. The 16-episodes series revolves around doctors and the problems they have to face in their respective lives. Moreover, how their personal decisions and attitude affects the lives of their patients is beautifully discussed in the drama. However, Rain as a ghost has filled our hearts with warmth and Kim Bum’s outstanding characterization has swayed us. No wonder, Ghost Doctor Episode 15 is a fresh topic on the internet that is taking a toll on others.

Ghost Doctor Episode 15
A still from the show

Ghost Doctor Episode 14 Recap

Ghost Doctor Episode 14 showed the viewers that the show is gradually moving towards its end as the puzzles are fitting and solutions are almost on their way. The episode begins with Seung-tak thanking Young-min for helping him figure out what he wants to do with his life. After getting shaken up by the event in the operation room, Seung-tak is clearly devastated and accuses himself of not being able to save the patient. However, with Young-min’s help, he is able to figure out that he wants to be a good doctor. Therefore, he wants to learn everything from the ghost.

In the meantime, he confronts Soo-jeong and realizes that she is aware of her grandfather saving Seung-tak in the past. This is the reason she wanted to help him to become a good and responsible doctor. On the other hand, Se-jin accepts the fact that Young-min is near her although she can’t see him, she can feel his presence. There is an emergency where a patient was about to lose his life due to a cardiac arrest and Seung-tak deeply wants to do everything to save the patient, that too without Young-min’s help. Luckily, he does so and overcomes his grief.

Ghost Doctor K-drama
A still from Episode 14 of Ghost Doctor

This scene in the ER also contributed to making Se-jin believe more in Seung-tak and his actions. In the final part of the episode, we see flashbacks of the events which leads Se-jin to believe that Young-min is there with her. Hence, she asks Seung-tak to spend more time with her and takes him out for dinner knowing that it is Young-min she is going out with. In the final moments of the episode, we see that Min-ho engages Se-jin in the convenience store to let his goons harm Seung-tak standing outside the store. The panicked Se-jin rushes towards Seung-tak and calls out for Young-min as the latter’s soul seems to fade.


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Ghost Doctor Episode 15: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Ghost Doctor Episode 15 will release on Monday, 21st February 2022 at 10:30 PM KST. This will be the second last episode for the medical fantasy drama. The upcoming episode will answer many theories and the fact that Se-jin is aware of the truth will be out in front of Young-min. Moreover, what will happen to the surgery will be an interesting watch.

Ghost Doctor Episode 15


Ghost Doctor Episode 15: How To Watch?

Ghost Doctor Episode 15 will be available to stream on tvN which is the show’s original distributor in South Korea. However, international viewers can watch the show on Rakuten Viki with subscription packages.

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