Rookie Cops Episode 17: Will There Be A Second Season Of The Show?

Will there be Rookie Cops Episode 17 or not is a matter of discussion these days as the show has released the most anticipated episodes this week and has almost completed its journey towards the very end? However, the question lies in whether another episode will be released or not. Likewise, whether the show will be renewed for the next season or not? All these questions will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs along with the season-ending.

As we already know that Rookie Cops is a Korean drama also known as the first Star Original as it is the first K-drama made by the OTT platform. Interestingly, the show revolves around the students of a police academy and their lives as they aspire to become honest cops while they face challenges during their time in the academy. The show is the epitome of hard work and friendship alongside companionship. This is what has made the show one of the most-loved shows of the time among viewers of all age groups.

Rookie Cops stars Kang Daniel, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Shin-young & Park Yoo-na in lead roles. Alongside them, we have Min Do-hee, Park Sung-joon, Cheon Young-min & Kim Woo-seok portraying important roles in the series. On the other hand, the show is created by Studio&NEW and Kim Byung-soo has directed the drama. The 16-episodes drama falls under the genre of coming-of-age drama in a procedural theme and is worthy of binge-watching. Let us quickly find out whether Rookie Cops will have a second season or not.

Rookie Cops
A still from Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 begins with the funeral service of Dae-il as he failed in making out of the car and drown. As the students discuss how empty they feel without him, a truck approaches Seung-hyeon and Eun-gang where the former recalls hearing a car honk while being on call with Dae-il for the last time. This makes them realize that his death happened due to avoiding some car that was surely chasing him. In the meantime, we come across the fact that Han-sol is behind everything and he paid people to remove all the shreds of evidence of the accident.

While going through Dae-il’s shared drive, Han-na recovers a video from the day he died and shows it to everyone in the group. This makes it clear to them that Dae-il died because of taping this video. Moreover, Han-na recognizes the face of Han-sol’s secretary who earlier tried to pay her for spying on her friends. As a result, they end up taking this issue to their professor and later decide to complete what Dae-il has started which is to bring Han-sol behind the bars.

Rookie Cops Episode 15
A still from Episode 15

Getting impatient from the delay in investigation and doubts over their professor, the students upload the video on the internet. This, on one hand, starts an official investigation but on the other, makes Han-sol more cautious. The worse happens as Han-sol’s secretary accepts the crime giving his boss a clean chit. However, Tak joins his friends to deal with this situation, returning to KNPU. Also, they take help from Detective Namgi as well however he ends up getting stabbed. The episode ends with Eun-gang entering Han-sol’s property with a twist.


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Rookie Cops Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 begins with Eun-gang talking to Han-sol and inciting him by calling him a psychopath and making him lose his cool. In the meantime, others trace her movements and record Han-sol’s confessions. However, she gets caught and Seung-hyeon and Tak along with their friends rush to rescue her. The next scenes are filled with fighting sequences. But a twist is yet to come as Han-sol reveals that Han-na has been helping him and that her friend betrayed her for money.

In the meantime, professor Yoo-gon calls Ah-ri to find out their whereabouts and asks Seung-hyeon’s father for his help. Finally, after a lot of fighting, the KNPU students are able to catch Han-sol and even collect his confession rightfully. Due to the ruckus created by the KNPU, all the higher officials resign, including their dean. With this, everyone’s life comes on the right track as they excel in their respective fields.

Rookie Cops Episode 16
A still rom Episode 16

The time skips to their graduation where they all graduate with good marks and performance, keeping Dae-il alive in their hearts. Likewise, Seung-hyeon’s father releases from jail and so does Han-na’s mother. Even the detective Namgi recovers from the coma and attends their graduation with a whole heart. All in all, Rookie Cops came to an end with all the students achieving their goals and moving towards a bright future, making it a happy ending for everyone.

Rookie Cops Season 2?

As of now, there is no news about the renewal of the police drama Rookie Cops by the OTT platform Disney+. Seems like the fans have to wait for any such news. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity for K-drama lovers to binge-watch the show and fall in love with the police department which is filled with enthusiastic young minds.

Rookie Cops Season 2


Rookie Cops Streaming Details

Rookie Cops can be streamed on Disney+ which is the show’s original distributor and also the creator of it as well. For further details about the show, stay tuned!

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