Thirty-Nine Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 9 is the next one in the line to release as we move towards the final leg of the television series. As we already know, Thirty-Nine is an ongoing K-drama starring Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do & Kim Ji-hyun in lead roles as three grown-up friends in their late thirties. They have been together for years in happy and sad times. However, their friendship needs to pass the test of time as one of them is diagnosed with a serious ailment.

This emotional storyline of Thirty-Nine alongside strong character portrayal has made the show gain immense popularity. The show will only have a total of twelve episodes making it a mini-series by JTBC Studios. Alongside the women, we have Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Moo-saeng & Lee Tae-hwan as their partners. After a long time, any series has made the viewers shed so many tears. Thirty-Nine is no doubt an outstanding story that every age group needs to go through. It is to understand the importance of love, life, family & friendship at a higher level.

Thirty-Nine is a show directed by Kim Sang-ho alongside Yoo Yeong-ah as the writer. Also, Lotte Cultureworks and JTBC Studios are the responsible production companies behind this series. Till now we have seen how tough Mi-jo a.k.a. Son Ye-jin is trying to help her friend become the happiest terminally ill person. However, will that be an easy path to go down? All these questions will be answered with the release of Thirty-Nine Episode 9 as the fans are eagerly waiting for the same.

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Thirty-Nine Episode 8 Recap

Thirty-Nine Episode 8 was released on 17th March 2022 titled “When You Think It’s The End“. The episode begins with a flashback where the three friends takes care of Joo-hee’s mother in the hospital. In the presen time, Mi-jo is quite shocked by what Joo-hee’s mother told her about her biological mother. As a result, she goes off to her parents for the night. The next morning, she has a soothing conversation with her mother over breakfast. On the other hand, Seon-woo asks his father the reason behind his behaviour with So-won.

Later on, the three friends and Jin-seok gathers at Chan-Young’s home to celebrate her success however the latter’s mother calls her and asks all of them to meet her right now. In the meantime, Hyun-joon breaks up with his girlfriend. At Chan-Young’s parents’ house, they reveal that she is terminally ill and that is why no one stopped her from dating Jin-seok. Luckily, her parents supported her decisions despite being heartbroken.

A still from Thirty-Nine Episode 8

In the last half of the episode, Mi-jo meets Joo-hee’s mother and realizes that her biological mother is in prison. This devastates her and she ends up lashing out at Seon-woo that he is embarrased of her being an adopted child. However, he consoles her and later express his desire of marrying her. Lastly, Mi-jo tells her friends and Seon-woo that she knowns about her biological mother and all of them goes to meet Mi-jo’s mother in the prison. The episode ends with a crying Mi-jo outside the prison.


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Thirty-Nine Episode 9: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 9 will release on 23rd March 2022 at 22:30 KST. The upcoming episode will be titled “Thousand Nights Over and Over Again“. It will show Mi-jo’s meeting with her biological mother alongside a tough time for the friends as Chan-young’s illness will grow severe.


Thirty-Nine Episode 9 Streaming Details

Thirty-Nine Epiosde 9 can be watched on JTBC Channel which is the show’s original distributor. However, Netflix streams the show every Wednesday and Thursday for the viewers across the globe.

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