Rick Harrison’s Wife: Who Is He Married To? Does He Have Kids?

Who is Rick Harrison’s Wife? Does He Have Kids? This is the question that is generating so much consternation these days. Don’t worry; we’ll respond to any of your questions. So, ‘Pawn Stars’ is a long-running History Channel reality TV show that chronicles the activities of the Silver Pawn Shop and World Famous Gold in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has been in operation since 1989. It was jointly owned by Richard “Old Man” Harrison and his son Rick Harrison until the latter’s death in 2018.

The shop is presently run by Rick “The Spotter” Harrison, his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Corey’s close friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell. The popular show has been entertaining viewers since 2009 with the weird goods and customers that come into the shop, as well as Rick and his staff’s amusing answers to them. As a result, viewers are anxious to learn more about Rick’s personal life, particularly his family, outside of the show. Shall we get to know him a little better?

Rick Harrison’s Ex-Wives

Richard Kevin Harrison, also known as Rick, was born on March 22, 1965, to Richard Benjamin and Joanne Rhue Harrison in Lexington, North Carolina. When he was 17, he and his fiancée Kim were expecting their first child together, but she miscarried. In 1982, the pair got married in a secret ceremony, and they have two sons, Corey and Adam. Rick and Kim ended their relationship in 1985.

Rick Harrison’s Wife
Rick Harrison’s Wife

Rick met Tracy, his second wife, on a blind double date in 1986 and married her in 1987. According to his memoir, ‘License to Pawn,’ he met her eight or nine months after his first divorce. He accompanied her cousin on one of their dates because his acquaintance was dating her cousin. After six months of dating, Tracy moved in with Rick and instantly made acquainted with his sons, Corey and Adam. They married eight months later, and she was not only a hands-on mother to her two sons, but she also helped her husband run his business.

Tracy was well-liked by the shop’s customers, according to Rick, because of her sound judgement and forbearance. She worked at the store until the couple’s son Jesse was born in 2003, and she and Rick divorced in 2011 after nearly 25 years of marriage. His split from Kim and Tracy is unknown, and the two have remained out of the spotlight since then. In 2011, Rick met Deanna Burditt, who is a well-known lawyer and media personality.

On February 14, 2012, a year after their first date at the Aureole Restaurant in Las Vegas, Rick proposed to Deanna. On July 21, 2013, they got married in front of their close colleagues and family in Laguna Beach, California. In a 2012 interview, Rick claimed that Dianna’s three daughters from her former marriage get along swimmingly. “Perfect symmetry…” says the narrator. I am the father of three sons. She is the mother of three girls.” We’re basically the Brady Bunch.”


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In July 2020, Rick and Deanna filed for divorce and reached an agreement in September 2020. According to TMZ, Rick indicated in their legal documents that they had irreconcilable differences due to differing likes, views, and mental dispositions. Deanna’s daughters, on the other hand, he considers his own.

Rick Harrison’s Girlfriend

Rick Harrison is presently dating Tauna Harris, a Las Vegas-based realtor and interior designer. Despite the fact that nothing much is known about how and when the pair met, Rick periodically posts photos with Tauna on Instagram. She first featured on his feed in February 2022. Tauna enjoys travelling and posts images of her work projects and vacations on social media on a regular basis. She also regularly shares design tips on her blog. Rick and Tauna keep their relationship private, preferring to focus on their work.


Rick Harrison’s Kids

As previously reported, Rick and his first wife, Kim Harrison, have two boys, Richard Corey Harrison, and Adam Harrison. When Corey, who was born on April 27, 1983, was nine years old, he began working at the company with his father and grandfather. He is currently the shop’s day-to-day operations manager, with a 5% ownership position in the company since 2012. He is one of the main cast members of ‘Pawn Stars,’ alongside his father and best friend, Chumlee Russell.

Rick Harrison’s Wife
Rick Harrison’s Wife

On a personal note, Corey married his high school girlfriend, Charlene, in 2009, but the couple split in 2015. He had a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison with his second wife, Korina “Kiki” Harrison. Corey and Kiki married in May 2017, then divorced in September 2018 due to their hectic work schedules. Their son was born in October of 2018.

Rick’s second son, Adam Harrison, was born in 1985 and wants to avoid the limelight. Despite the fact that he and his family worked at the shop, he has declined to participate in the show. As of 2016, Adam worked as a plumber. Rick’s third kid, Jake, was born in 2003 to him and his second wife, Tracy. The young adult first appeared with his family in season 18, episode 12 of ‘Pawn Stars,’ while working a summer job at the company. Despite learning the ropes of the industry from his father and brother, he isn’t sure if he wants to do it full-time in the future.


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