Pitch Perfect Ending Explained: Did The Barden Bellas Win The ICCA Finals?

Pitch Perfect Ending Explained is a hot topic of discussion, especially among the youngsters as the film has been entertaining the viewers for almost a decade now. Pitch Perfect is an American film that falls under the genre of musical comedy. Music as a genre has been attracting people of all ages and the icing on the cake is the film’s comic timing. Pitch Perfect has been one of the most successful musical films in the history of the American film industry. Moreover, the film is still in demand and hence its ending is frequently discussed.

Pitch Perfect was released on 24th September 2012 in the Cinerama Dome and was officially released in the United States on 5th October 2012. Since then, this film has been a favorite one for the audience and lovers of music and dance as a genre. It is a Jason Moore directorial with the screenplay by Kay Cannon. Likewise, Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman & Paul Brooks produced the film. Pitch Perfect is originally based on “Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory“. It was a non-fiction book written by Mickey Rapkin.

Since music was the core of this movie, Christophe Beck and Mark Kilian received immense appreciation for giving music for the film. Pitch Perfect has had a budget of $17 million and it was successful in earning money in folds as the film’s box office collection was over $115.4 million. Initially, Pitch Perfect was not a big hit, however, people took their time to analyze the film and eventually the movie’s ratings increased and it received positive feedback from the viewers as they gradually fell in love with the story.

Pitch Perfect Movie
A still from Pitch Perfect

The Synopsis Of Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a movie that revolves around a group of girls in University who competes in a national competition of college “a cappella“. Hence, we can easily assess that the movie is filled with music and dance and lots and lots of fun. The movie begins with a flashback of the 2011 ICCA Finals where “The Treblemakers” are performing and making us groove to their beats. Then comes the University’s all-female a cappella group, “The Barden Bellas” and performs in front of the audience with an accident to follow where one of the main members of the group vomits on the stage when performing solo.

This makes them a subject of humiliation in front of everyone. From this point, the story switches to the present time where we meet our protagonist Beca Mitchell. She is a rebellious girl who is attending University only for her father. Deep inside, she wants to become a music composer and her desire is clear from the very first scene in the film. Moving forward, the auditions of Barden Bellas resume and university freshmen seems to be interested in the once-called humiliating group.

Pitch Perfect Synopsis
Beca and Jesse in Pitch Perfect

Initially, Beca rejects the offer of joining the Bellas due to her lack of interest in a cappella. In the meantime, she joins a school radio station for an internship and there she meets the future member of the Treblemakers, Jesse Swanson. Later on, Beca impresses everyone in the auditions and becomes a member of the Barden Bellas, alongside Fat Amy and Lilly among others. From the start, Beca and Aubrey seem to have some differences of opinions, however, they try to control it as much as possible.


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The Competition Between The Bellas And The Treblemakers

Performing the melody from the last time, The Barden Bellas makes their spot in the semi-finals, although the members were not okay with it. However, when for the third time Aubrey insisted they sing the same song, Beca added a part of another song in the middle of the performance. This helps them earn a huge amount of appreciation from the audience but results in creating a rift between Aubrey and Beca. The former also accuses Beca of being with Jesse, who was a Treblemaker and this is considered as a breach of the rule of being a Bella, in the first place.

As Jesse tries to clear out this misunderstanding, Beca lashes out at both of them and leaves the group. In the meantime, the Bellas are not able to qualify as they acquire third place. However, after an investigation request by Jesse’s roommate, the truth about another team surfaces and the Bellas get another chance to be in the finals. In the meantime, Beca tries to reconcile with Jesse but he is too hurt to give her another chance. Later, Beca apologizes to the group and rejoins after gaining equal membership as Aubrey in the group.

Movie Pitch Perfect
Bellas and Treblemakers

Each member of the Barden Bellas shares their personal experiences and stories with each other to remove the trust issues among them. As a result, the female a cappella group starts their bonding and practice sessions for the finals. On the other hand, Jesse’s roommate gets a chance to be a part of the Treblemakers due to a spot that gets vacant abruptly. Initially, he gave a powerful performance during the audition, however, he was rejected by the leader of the Treblemakers. But this turned out to be a good point for him to contribute to making the Treblemakers winners for another year.

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Pitch Perfect Ending Explained

As the interactions between the two groups grow, the rivalry among them is clearly shown. This gives the plot an interesting turn and sticks the viewers who are rooting for either or both of the groups. However, the troubles are yet to come. Chloe is suffering from a vocal disease and she tries to ignore it. But, this situation of her throat worsens and she is restricted by the doctors to use high notes while singing. Hence, she confronts the team which demotivates them. Fortunately, Becca and Aubrey come up with a conclusion and they make some major improvements in their performance so as to help Chloe with her condition.


While the practice sessions, Chloe discovers a new talent of hers due to her messed-up vocals. She, hence, decides to use her vocals to sing the bass notes alongside a little help from Lilly. And the day of the 2012 ICCA Finals arrives as we move towards the end of the movie and the Treblemakers are the first ones from the Barden University to perform. Although things between Becca and Jesse are not good, they still wish each other good luck before the performance. No wonder, The Treblemakers gives an outstanding performance and Benji turns out a perfect choice for the boys’ group. Next in line comes the Barden Bellas with their performance amidst the noises which reminds Aubrey of the events from last year.

Pitch Perfect Ending Explained

This time, the girls give us a completely new version of the Barden Bellas which surprises everyone out there. With the modifications in notes from high to low and bass tones, the girl group makes their own identity. In the meantime, Becca’s lines in the performance are a way of confessing her feelings to Jesse. As the amazing performance ends after giving goosebumps, Jesse and Becca seal the show with a kiss. In the final moments of the movie, the time takes a leap of six months with the Barden Bellas as the winners of the 2012 competition taking audition for the upcoming year alongside the Treblemakers.


The Cast Of Pitch Perfect

The Cast of Pitch Perfect drew massive attention towards them since the film was out for the first time in Cinerama Dome. Well, it was just the beginning for them to become worldwide popular. Although the movie focuses on the girl group “The Barden Bellas“, each member of both the bands have been popular. Anna Kendrick is known to play the role of Beca Mitchell, who is the star of the movie. Alongside her, we have Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson, the star of the boy band and Becca’s love interest.

Apart from them, we have Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, Alexis Knapp as Stacie & Brittany Snow as Chloe. Also, Shelley Regner plays the role of Ashley and Kelley Alice Jakle as Jessica, among others. In “The Treblemakers” we have Adam DeVine as Bumper and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald. Moreover, we see Ben Platt playing the character of Benji & David Del Rio as Kolio. Becca’s dad’s role has been played by John Benjamin Hickey. Other supporting roles have been played by John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Banks, Freddie Stroma & Jinhee Joung. The latter was seen as Becca’s roommate.


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