Ghost Doctor Episode 16 Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2?

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 marks the end of this amazing K-drama that has been entertaining the viewers for almost two months. The show released two episodes every week on Mondays and Tuesdays to give us an insight into the lives of a young doctor who was desperate to help patients but was doomed with some insecurities from his childhood. On the other hand, we met a highly skilled arrogant cardiothoracic surgeon who was more concerned for his personal life than the lives of the patients.

Two contrasting personalities became one due to some events which became the essence of this series. Ghost Doctor is a Korean Drama that falls under the genre of medical fantasy. There were a number of ghosts in the hospital who played their roles in the development of the plot, with some staying a part of our lives till the very end. The show is directed by Boo Seong-cheol and written by Kim Sun-soo. No doubt, they have done a great job in making this drama.

Moreover, Rain, Kim Bum, Uee & Son Naeun has received appreciation from every corner of the world for their amazing performance in the television series. Studio Dragon had produced Ghost Doctor alongside Bon Factory Worldwide who reported Rain’s comeback on television with this show back in March 2021. Since then, fans were eager to watch the medical fantasy drama and the shoot came to an end in the first week of February 2022. As a result, Ghost Doctor Episode 16 has been one of the most anticipated episodes of this month.

Ghost Doctor Episode 16
A still from Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 Ending Explained

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 was the show’s last episode that was released on 22nd February 2022. The episode starts with a flashback of the conversation between Young-min and Tae-hyun giving us the background as to how the latter ends up assisting Seung-tak in the former’s surgery. On the other hand, another coma ghost is being shifted from the hospital which is an emotional moment for everyone, especially the ghost friends, however, it turns out to be the best option for the one. Next, Se-jin is seen performing Hun-gil’s surgery, and the latter ghost is seen sitting outside the operation alongside Joo-myung. In the meantime, Cha Young-min’s surgery is going on in the other operating room. After Hun gil’s successful surgery, Se-jin runs towards the other room and waits patiently for the surgery to get over.

However, little did she know that things in there are not going pretty well. Due to the hectic operation, Young-min is forced to leave Seung-tak’s body which disturbs the surgery. However, Young-min assists the latter at every step and encourages him to perform the surgery on his own. Everyone observing the operation is equally nervous and shocked to see Seung-tak’s amazing performance that leads to a successful operation. Young-min finally regains consciousness, however, he is back with his rude behavior and talks rudely with both Se-jin and Seung-tak. This disturbs Seung-tak and he decides to make him remember his time as a ghost.

Ghost Doctor Episode 16
A still from Ghost Doctor Episode 16

But to our surprise, Young-min remembers everything and he was putting up a show for everyone. Also, the show gives us a sweet insight into Young-min and Se-jin’s reconciliation as she decides to move in with him. In the meantime, Tae-hyun surrenders in front of the police and accepts that Seung-won gave him orders to kill Chairman Jang. Likewise, Se-jin confronts her brother and sends him to jail for being the one who killed their father. In the final moments of Ghost Doctor Episode 16, we see a happy and hardworking duo of Seung-tak and Young-min who become one of the most influential surgeons in the hospital and works towards helping each and every patient irrespective of any factors.


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Will There Be  A Season 2 Of Ghost Doctor?

Since the K-drama has come t its end, people are wondering whether the series will be back with another season or not. Till now, there are no announcements on this matter. However, fans can expect a sequel owing to its amazing viewership.

K-drama Ghost Doctor


Ghost Doctor Episode 16 Streaming Details

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 can be streamed on tvN. It is also available on streaming platforms like TVING and iQiyi. Moreover, fans can also watch the 16-episodes series on Rakuten Viki.

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