Our Beloved Summer Ending Explained: What Happened To Ung And Yeon Soo?

Our Beloved Summer Ending has been a topic of discussion across the internet for weeks now. Even though the show ended a week or more back, fans are still hovering over the lovely couple and a perfect seeming love story. As the name suggests, Our Beloved Summer has been a sweet series that provided warmth like a summer day to its viewers. The show gathered huge popularity for various reasons which included its OSTs as well. One of the show’s most famous songs was sung by BTS’s Kim Taehyung a.k.a. V which has been topping the charts across continents since its release.

Hence, the coming of age drama received love and appreciation from its viewers and of BTS Army. Our Beloved Summer is a show by Studio N, making its debut in the field of creating television dramas. The SBS Drama was shot and developed by Studio S and Plan Production whereas Lee Na-eun penned the show. Kim Yoon-jin is the director of the show alongside the production companies Studio N and Super Moon Pictures. The show casts Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Roh Jeong-eui, and Kim Sung-cheol in main roles as Choi Ung, Kook Yeon-soo, NJ, and Kim Ji-ung respectively.

Each one of them had a close connection with the viewers through their outstanding character portrayal which made the show a big hit in almost no time. Our Beloved Summer aired on SBS TV and was available to stream on Netflix as well, making it easier for international viewers. Our Beloved Summer Ending with the premier of the 16th Episode on 25th January 2022 was an event that is still a major topic of discussion.

Our Beloved Summer
A still From Our Beloved Summer

A Glimpse of Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer is a coming-of-age drama that focuses on how some relationships are tested again and again over time only to polish it further. Our Beloved Summer revolves around high school students Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo are the complete opposite in many aspects of their lives but they fall in and out of love over the years throughout the show. The story begins with high school where Ung and Yeon-soo meet for the first time in the school auditorium. While the latter was being felicitated for her outstanding efforts in academics, Ung was standing amidst the crowd admiring the girl he just saw and most probably felt something for her. Flashing a beautiful smile towards his new classmate, Ung meets with a rude expression from Yeon-soo.

Later on, after an encounter with Ung in the library, Yeon-soo thought of him as a competitor in school and this made her feel intimidated which was very rare of her but little did she know that Ung secured the last place in class. Until then, things were going smoothly for them without any reason of interaction and it felt like they were two poles that were never meant to be together. But destiny had some other plans for the duo. A production company wanted to shoot a documentary on the school’s best and the worst student and analyze their contributions towards the school.

Our Beloved Summer
Kim Da-mi and Choi Woo-shik in Our Beloved Summer

Hence, Yeon-soo and Ung were the perfect models for the same which turned out to be a reason for the two to spend an entire month together. It was set then, the two students seated together and ate together. They were seen fighting, bickering, and hanging out together despite their non-liking towards each other. However, they were unaware of the fact that they felt a strong connection between them which was clearly visible to the viewers. Towards the end of their documentary, Yeon-soo and Ung shared a kiss declaring their feelings for each other.


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The On And Off Relationship

Throughout their high school days, Yeon-soo and Ung’s relationship saw a wavy graph. Sometimes they were the sweetest couple however the other days they were fighting and bickering like immature. Yeon-soo loved to behave practically and she saw the world as a place where she needs to be on top always. Her way of living was very different from that of Choi Ung who had no motive in life. He just wanted to live his life peacefully, lying under a tree and experiencing the mysteries of life. This difference of mindset was often a reason why the young sweethearts broke up quite often.

After high school, Ung decided to stay with Yeon-soo so he applied for the same University as her. Luckily, they were once again together. However, things took a bad turn when Yeon-soo heard Ung talking to the professor who insisted the former sign up for some important classes. However, Ung refused the offer stating that he wanted to be here with Yeon-soo. This was shocking news for Yeon-soo.


Our Beloved Summer Ending

However, after breaking and patching for a long time, Yeon-soo broke up from the relationship without any solid reason to give to her partner. Since Yeon-soo was fed up with her life and problems she decided to step away from Ung to not let him suffer her life’s negativity. With this, they promised each other to not meet and broke up on a bad note. This affected both of their lives as Yeon-soo became ruder towards the outer world and Ung fell into depression and hated everything including him.

Present Day Documentary

After being away from each other for almost five years, Yeon-soo and Ung were forced by destiny to meet once again and fall in love. After the success of the previous documentary, viewers wanted to know what the students are like after almost 10 years. This led Kim Ji-ung to approach Choi Ung and Yeon-soo once again for being together for a month. After a series of ups and downs, they finally agreed to the offer and hence began the shoot of “Our Beloved Summer“. This documentary showed a different outlook of the protagonists. Yeon-soo was living a life she wanted for herself with a decent job as a PR manager in a reputed company.


On the other hand, Ung was a famous artist under the pseudonym of “Go-oh“.  Interestingly, Yeon-soo was unaware of Ung being Go-oh and she ended up filming a documentary with him alongside being an important member of the project that collaborated the young artist and Yeon-soo’s company. This documentary once again helped the now-matured people to fall in love with each other. It was not an easy job to do as Ung decided not to let her hurt him anymore.

Our Beloved Summer
A still from Episode 8

But a kiss that happened between them on the last day of the outdoor shoot confused Yeon-soo about Ung’s feelings for her, as she was still in love with him. Initially, she confronted him to which Ung offered them to be just friends. Yeon-soo was hurt with his confrontation but she decided to tag along. However, on the last day of the shoot, Ung ran away and was nowhere to be found. It was the same day when he proposed Yeon-soo once again and the couple was back together.

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A Love Pentagon?

It may sound bizarre but the show “Our Beloved Summer” featured a pentagon of love which gave this series a different vibe. Choi Ung’s best friend, Kim Ji-ung secretly fell in love with Yeon-soo in their high school days. He always wanted to approach her but his best friend was the one meant for her. Hence, Ji-ung backed off. In the later years, when he was filming the documentary, he again felt connected with Yeon-soo and this time it turned out to be worse for him. He was in a dilemma about what to feel when Ung told him abt his get-together with Yeon-soo.

Our Beloved Summer Ending

On the other hand, an idol named NJ grew fond of Ung. She bought an illustration from Go-oh and felt something for him. Although it was one-sided, it was very strong and made Yeon-soo anxious at times. Things were already messy between the main leads, however, NJ’s interference made it worse for them to decide what path to take. Lastly, Ji-ung’s associate Jeong Chae-ran fell in love with the former and was the first one to realize that Ji-ung was in love with his documentary’s lead female. It was chaos in short. Choi Ung felt something for Yeon-soo and vice versa. But NJ was attracted towards Ung and Ji-ung was attracted towards Yeon-soo. Meanwhile, Chae-ran liked Ji-ung, making it a chaotic love pentagon.


Our Beloved Summer Ending Explained

The show’s ending was a hot topic of discussion since the show dropped its second last episode. After confessing love to each other for the second time, Ung and Yeon-soo turned out to be the sweetest couple alive. Being mature helped them a lot in overcoming the difficulties of life, love, and families. However, Ung got triggered by a random critic who talked about the former’s illustrations and works and called him a waste of time. Moreover, Ung’s competitor Nu-ah called him a person with nothing to look forward to and that Ung had no dream and no goals.

As a result, Ung opted to study architecture and wanted Yeon-soo to be with him over there, however, Yeon-soon refused. Instead, she decided to stay where she was and wait for Ung to come back. It was hard for them to cope with the long-distance relationship, however, she managed to call and facetime every now and then to keep their relationship intact. After a few years, Ung returned with his degree and asked Yeon-soo to marry him at a book donation event organized by his parents. On the other hand, Kim Ji-ung reconciled with his mother after realizing that she was about to die due to a prolonged illness. Therefore, he decided to film a documentary as per her request as a memory of her.

K-drama Our Beloved Summer
Yoen-soo and Ung got a happy ending in Our Beloved Summer

Also, Chae-ran confessed her feelings for Ji-ung and luckily, he accepted her feelings with a bright smile. Hence, Ji-ung and Yeon-soo remained good friends. However, NJ was not able to be in a romantic relationship but she managed to earn more support from her fans when her statements about her link with Ung created problems for her entertainment agency. Meanwhile, Yeon-soo’s best friend Lee Sol-yi and Ung’s manager Gu Eun-ho began dating in the end and managed the former’s restaurant together. All in all, it was a peaceful ending for almost all the characters which made the fans delighted with the show till the very end.


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