Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled: Know The Reason Behind Cancellation

Is Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled? Kitten Bowl is currently generating waves on the internet. So, in this piece, we’ll go over all of the newest Kitten Bowl headlines. This year’s Super Bowl Sunday, on the other hand, will be a lot less adorable. The Kitten Bowl has been canceled by Hallmark Channel, hurting the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. The annual Kitten Bowl has aired on the Hallmark Channel every year since 2014. The event was officially canceled by the network in 2022. Gameday, on the other hand, will not be wholly devoid of cuteness. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, a competing animal-themed event, will debut on February 13. The reason for the show’s cancellation is detailed below. So, let’s get this party started.

Why Is Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled?

Is Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled? A Facebook user apparently asked Hallmark about the lineup for this year’s Kitten Bowl on February 5, 2022. Hallmark responded with an unexpected announcement that the cat-themed event would no longer be held. “While we are not currently generating original animal-centric content,” a Hallmark Channel spokesman said in a statement, “we are glad to assist partners like North Shore Animal League America as part of our commitment to social responsibility projects.”

Following the postponement of the Kitten Bowl, North Shore’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Joanna Yohannan, informed Variety that they had received a contribution from Hallmark. “While we regret working on this lifesaving program with Hallmark Channel this year, we are grateful for their recent donation of huge $25,000 for #BettyWhiteChallenge and hoping that Kitten Bowl will return in the future,” Bowl said in a statement.

Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled
Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled

The Kitten Bowl is a competition for kittens. It is one of numerous popular Hallmark Channel shows that has lately been dropped from the network’s schedule. This includes the discontinuation of the long-running sitcom Good Witch in July 2021, the end of the daytime discussion show Home & Family in August 2021, and the decision not to create more episodes of many Hallmark Movies & Mysteries mystery series.

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Will GAC Family Adopt The Kitten Bowl?

Though cat enthusiasts won’t be able to watch the Kitten Bowl this year, the show may return in 2023 on a different network. Variety stated that GAC Media, the firm behind GAC Family and GAC Living, may buy the event. Bill Abbott, ex-Hallmark CEO and present CEO of GAC Media, called the Kitten Bowl “a deep passion project that everyone involved will always be deeply happy to have been a part of” in a February 6 tweet in response to the cancellation. We’re grateful for the many fur-ever homes we were able to find.” “Please continue to help @AnimalLeague in their efforts to find loving homes for all of these animals,” he said.


Will There Be Another Kitten Bowl?

The GAC Family network has stated that they would be taking over the Bowl in the coming years, with the exception that starting in 2023, more animals will be included than only kittens. The Great American Rescue Bowl, as it is now known, will feature both cats and dogs. On February 12, 2023, viewers will be able to witness the new animal “Super Bowl.”

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to host the 2022 Puppy Bowl:

Despite the cancellation of the Kitten Bowl, Animal Planet will screen Puppy Bowl XVIII on Sunday, February 13. In a particular game hosted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, Team Fluff and Team Ruff will compete. This year, the duo will also serve as coaches. Snoop sought to lead Team Fluff to victory, while Stewart hoped to emulate Team Ruff’s success in 2021. “I’m honored to be co-hosting with the amazing Martha Stewart, the only athletic event on the earth guaranteed to raise the ‘woof’!” In a statement, Snoop Dogg, who will also perform during the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, said. “I’m beyond thrilled that Snoop and I are returning to kick off Puppy Bowl XVIII and help a bunch of deserving dogs find their forever homes!” Stewart remarked.

Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled
Kitten Bowl 2022 Cancelled

What Is The Kitten Bowl?

The Kitten Bowl has been on the air since 2014 to raise awareness for pet adoption and to assist cats in finding loving homes. “The topic of animal homelessness continues to be rampant throughout the country,” GAC Media CEO Bill Abbott said in a statement following the network’s takeover of the event. “Being able to publicize a proven difference-maker in helping pets find their forever homes was an easy decision.” “Hundreds of shelters around the country have participated over the years, and tens of thousands of animals have been adopted as a consequence of these unique events,” said Beth Stern, a spokesman for North Shore.


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