‘Juvenile Justice’ Trailer Released: All About the Latest Upcoming K-Drama

Juvenile Justice trailer release is a major event for the K-fans. The latest K-drama’s filming
announced in May 2021. However, the first look of Juvenile Justice came out on Netflix TUDUM Korea. Since then, the show has been a topic of discussion. Finally, after waiting for a long time, fans will be able to binge the upcoming edition in the legal genre. For a long time, K-fans have waited for a strong legal show with lots of drama in it. Hopefully, Juvenile Justice will stand out on the expectations. Most importantly, the television return of Kim Hye Soo has hyped this show. The Netflix original Korean crime drama is set to be an inevitable part of the monthly watch-list.

Kim Min Sook is the screenwriter of the show. Hong Jong-chan, on the other hand, is the
directing force of Juvenile Justice. Fans are very excited to watch Hyena actress Kim Hye Soo in the lead role. Moreover, after the success of K-dramas like Squid Game, Netflix seems quite adamant in releasing new and intriguing shows for its audience. No wonder, this legal cum crime drama is set to blow up the minds with its twists and turns. Not to mention, unexpected plots that will lead the way.

Juvenile Justice
Still from Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice: Release Date and Where To Watch?

Juvenile Justice has just dropped its official trailer on Wednesday. This surprise has left the fans getting more excited about the upcoming legal crime drama. Juvenile Justice was initially scheduled to release in January 2022. It was also announced in the Netflix TUDUM Korea fest and proved to be one of the most expected releases of the first half of the year. However, due to some issues, the show was delayed. Finally, Juvenile Justice is set to release on 25th February 2022.


This will eventually make a good weekend for the fans to relax under a new and completely captivating K-drama. Where to watch the drama is yet another concern for the fans. Well, the drama will be available for the fans to watch on Netflix. Moreover, the series will have ten episodes in all. All these episodes will be available to stream in one go, clearly making it a binge-worthy series. Each episode is expected to be of an hour or so in duration.

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Plot of Juvenile Justice

Netflix’s original series Juvenile Justice is a Legal drama. As the name suggests, the show will practically revolve around juveniles and everything related to them. The central character of the series is a woman judge, Judge Shim Eun Seok, who resents juveniles. However, she is made the juvenile judge of Yeonhwa District.

As much as the paradox, she is bound to be unbiased and fulfill her duties towards society. It will be a determining factor while watching the show. With various twists and turns ahead it will be an interesting plot. Interestingly, she herself has been a victim of Juvenile crime which somehow justifies her dislike.

Juvenile Justice
Bullies in Juvenile Justice

But, no matter how much she dislikes this factor, Judge Shim Eun Seok will be required to take some important decisions. Throughout the show, she will fight with her inner conflicts and will learn the ways of being an actual adult. One can definitely say that the show will offer us some round characters as well.


Cast of Juvenile Justice

The cast of Juvenile Justice is absolutely an important discussion. So far, fans are super excited to watch Kim Hye Soo in the lead role of the woman judge, Judge Shim Eun Seok. However, other cast members have drawn a fair share of the limelight as well. Kim Mu-yeol is set to play a major role in the series. His character name is Cha Tae-joo.

Juvenile Justice Netflix Series

Likewise, Lee Sung-min will be seen as Kang Won-joong. The supporting casts include Song Duk-ho, Park Ji-yeon, and Kim Chan-hyung. On the other hand, Lee Jung-eun will play Na Geun-hee and Shin Jae-hwi will play Seo-bum. Some other members are Jang Dae-woong, Kim Do-geon, Lee Bom, to name a few.


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