Furioza Ending Explained: Who Killed Kaszubian? Know Everything Right Here!!

Fans have recently expressed a strong desire to discover more about the events depicted in the film “Furioza,” following the trend that was created by the film.   As a result of which, we’ve written this page to explain the ending of Furioza. ‘ The gangster thriller ‘Furioza’ was directed with cerebral immediacy by Polish director Cyprian T. Olencki, who earned his name with the 2017 comedy ‘PolandJa.’ The protagonist of the novel is Dawid, a doctor and the brother of a notorious gang leader who lives a low-key living in the city, separated from his family and struggling to cope with a past tragedy. The arrival of Dawid’s previous flame Dzika, on the other hand, throws his life into disarray. He becomes more entangled in the gang drama while living a double life as a police informant.

The film’s mobster feel is enhanced by the suburban setting. At the same time, the star-studded cast includes some well-known Polish actors, including veteran Polish actor Janusz Chabior. Despite the dubious conclusion, the tale returns to square one. Meanwhile, because events happen swiftly, you must mentally recall the minutes that have passed. If you’re having a problem making sense of it, let us help you out.

Furioza Plot Synopsis

The story starts with a man walking towards the sea and ends with a complete circle. Meanwhile, a band of hooligans harasses Dawid, a doctor, in the metro. After a ten-year hiatus, Dzika, Dawid’s former flame, and gang member reappear. Dzika left the group after her brother Daro was slain in a confrontation with a rival gang. She is now employed with the police department, reporting to psychotic officer Bauer. Dzika and Bauer, who are attempting to seize Dawid’s brother Kaszubian for his ties to the “Furioza” football hooligan group, run across Dawid.

Furioza Ending Explained
Furioza Ending Explained

Antman, a rival gang boss, suspected of heroin trafficking, and Polanski, a shady businessman who owns the XOXO nightclub and a Gdansk port, are also on the scene. Residents of Furioza are now regular visitors to the lounge. According to the authorities, Golden, a Kaszubian associate, is suspected of being involved in the narcotics trade. The authorities are not specifically seeking for Kaszubian; rather, they want to disrupt the narcotics network that runs from Gdansk to Dublin.

Dawid meets Kamila, Zuzia, and Kaszubian in their home shortly after Golden arrives. The authorities try to stop the gang despite evidence against them, but the hooligans are always one step ahead. Kaszubian is also on the alert for rats among the group, and Gray’s death signals foul play. After Kaszubian’s terrible death, the story takes a southerly turn. Despite the fact that his position as a cop puts his life in peril, Dawid falls in love with Dzika. But, as Dawid quits his informant job, promising to bring Kaszubian’s killer to justice, we know that deeper forces are at work.

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Furioza Ending: Who Killed Kaszubian?

We believe Antman, like the rest of the group, initially killed Kaszubian. Antman and Kaszubian were arch-enemies, so it was only natural for Antman to order Kaszubian’s assassination as the opposing gang boss. Kaszubian’s righteousness most likely harmed Antman’s drug-dealing activity. After Kaszubian’s death, Dawid resigns as an informant, promising to track down and assassinate Kaszubian’s killer. Kaszubian’s wife, Kamila, pushes Dawid to seek vengeance for his late brother. With the conviction, Dawid and the other Furioza members enlist the help of Polanski, a ruthless businessman who adores Shakespeare.

Later that night, Furioza members slept in a parking lot. When Antman reverses his car, the Furioza members T-bone it and attack Antman and his crew. In a face-to-face confrontation, Antman tells Dawid that Kaszubian was his lone friend and biggest antagonist. Because he is an old-school thug with principals, Antman only has regard for his former rival gang boss. We can’t entirely trust Antman, though, because he keeps his hands clean by recruiting the help of others to carry out his terrible plans. Dzika was able to obtain security footage from the crime scene, which revealed the killer’s face. The perpetrator appears to be Golden.

After providing him the film while in police detention, Bauer converts Golden into a police informant. Bauer learns from Golden that Antman operates a massive narcotics operation at the port, and the cops are on the lookout for him. Golden’s gang, on the other hand, smells dishonesty when he encourages them to join forces with Antman. Meanwhile, Dzika, a former Furioza member, publishes the video of Kaszubian’s killer, illustrating her gang loyalty and ethical boundaries. Following the revelation, the majority of gang members become outraged and ready to avenge Golden by seeing the video on the internet. The leak, on the other hand, results in Dzika losing her job.


Is Golden Dead or Alive?

After finding that Golden is Kaszubian’s killer, the gang members travel to the club XOXO for a frontal combat. Dawid intends to kill Golden himself, but Dzika and the others convince him not to. After all, he is a doctor and a fine citizen, and the other members argue that in the hospital, he has more responsibilities than in prison.

The other Furioza members, on the other hand, believe that Golden must die because that is the rule of the gang world. Golden reincarnates as Brutus in the last turn of events, similar to Julius Caesar’s dying acts. Brutus, on the other hand, committed suicide; Golden, on the other hand, faces a much more bleak end. The others decide that even if they go to jail, their families will receive alimony from the club fund. As a result of this reasoning, the loyal members of Furioza begin to stab Golden, killing him repeatedly.

Furioza Ending Explained
Furioza Ending Explained

Do Dawid and Dzika End Up Together? Is Dawid still living, or has he passed away?

The romance between Dawid and Dzika holds the plot together. Dawid and Dzika had been dating for ten years prior to the events in the movie. Daro’s death, on the other hand, seemed to put an end to their joyful days. While working on the drug bust case, they grow closer once more. Dzika and her boss Bauer have a squabble over Dzika’s concern regarding Dawid’s safety. Meanwhile, they become intimate in a few cerebrally filmed sequences, one of which, particularly at dusk, leaves an indelible effect on the spectator. The majority of Furioza members are sentenced to prison after Golden’s death. Dzika, on the other hand, foregoes her responsibilities and badge in order to join Dawid, Kamila, and Zuzia on an ocean adventure.


While the rest of the household members relaxes on the deck, Dawid demonstrates how to drive a boat to Zuzia. However, as they near the coast, Dawid is stabbed in the stomach by a hooligan as he enters what appears to be an equipment room. This is the same thug from Antman’s Brigade who fought Dawid in the subway. He appears bitter at Antman’s loss of a large quantity of money as a result of the drug bust, and he blames Dawid for the mishap. In the final portion, which ties to the opening scene, Dawid travels towards the shore. Because of the cliffhanger, we don’t know if he lives or dies. Although a knife wound can take several hours to heal, victims can bleed to death in as little as five minutes in some circumstances. As a result, after considering all of the possibilities, we’ve decided that Dawid will die, depriving him of the chance to have a family with Dzika.

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