Business Proposal Episode 2: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 2 has become a topic of discussion as the month of February came to end with the release of this brand new television drama. Business Proposal is set to give us the perfect vibes of an office romance with a little twist in its plot. It is a new Korean drama that has made its way towards the hearts of the viewers with a strong cast and crew. Business Proposal stars one of the most liked actors Ahn Hyo-seop in the role of the cold CEO alongside Kim Se-jeong as his leading lady.

The “Abyss” star has helped the show in spreading a different level of excitement among the viewers who are also his supporters. Moreover, the show is an adaptation of a famous webtoon by HaeHwa that goes by the name “The Office Blind Date“. This month of February has given us various romantic dramas however, Business Proposal is in a whole different mood attracting more audience after its premiere. Business Proposal is a drama by SBS under the direction of Park Sun-ho and is written by Han Sul-hee & Hong Bo-hee.

Moreover, the show casts Kim Min-kyu & Seol In-ah in main roles alongside the leading couple. It falls under the genre of romantic comedy and office romance. Well, the show revolves around a young CEO who is forced by his grandfather to go on a blind date. Little does the young man know that this date will change his life forever. Hence, Business Proposal Episode 2 has become one of the hottest topics to gossip about among the fans.

A Business Proposal
A still from A Business Proposal

Business Proposal Episode 1 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 1 was released on Monday, 28th February 2022. The premiere episode starts with the young CEO of GO Food, Kang Tae-mu coming back to Korea to handle his business. On the very first day, he finds a corrupt worker and fires him from the office. On the other hand, we meet Shin Ha-ri who works at GO Food as a researcher. Since Tae-mu has never failed in his deals, his grandfather pesters him with a new project, that is, to get married.

The old man plans a number of blind dates for Tae-mu to help him find a perfect life partner for him. Even though the latter is agitated with this pressure, he gives in to his grandfather’s request and goes on a blind date. To our surprise, Ha-ri is seen waiting for him as she is on a date disguised as Jin Young-seo, who is none other than her best friend. Ha-ri tries to act in a way that every man despises after she realizes that he is none other than her own boss. However, Ha-ri miserably fails as Tae-mu decides to marry her after their first encounter.

A Business Proposal
Tae-mu and Ha-ri on a blind date

Later in the office, Ha-ri ends up in a lift with Tae-mu and his grandfather but luckily, she hides her face from getting disclosed. In the meantime, Tae-mu’s secretary Sung-hoon bumps into the real Young-seo at a convenience store and the latter falls head over heels for him. Towards the end of the episode, Tae-mu asks Ha-ri to marry him thinking her to be Young-seo but she clearly denies it and runs off. However, hiding from her crush while crossing the pavement, she ends up getting inside Tae-mu’s car, confronting him all over again.


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Business Proposal Episode 2: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 2 will release on Tuesday, 1st March 2022 at 22:00 KST. The upcoming episode is going to be a roller coaster as Ha-ri will try to balance her hidden identity and her job at the office, without falling in front of her cold CEO.

A Business Proposal


Business Proposal Episode 2 Streaming Details

Business Proposal Episode 2 will be available for the viewers in South Korea to watch on SBS TV. Moreover, international fans can stream the show directly on Netflix which releases the show on Monday and Tuesday every week.

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