Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 has gathered attention as the show is moving towards its peak. While the show has dropped two episodes last weekend, fans are eager to see how the relationship between our leads develops further. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is an ongoing K-drama that focuses on the lives of an aspiring female fencer who works hard to prove her worth. On the other hand, we have a sweet grown-up man who is burdened with responsibilities after his family went bankrupt. Hence, this drama is all about struggles and hard work to make a stand of their own in society.

Fans have been loving dramas that focus on the development of society. Moreover, the ones that are inspiring for the youth and teach the older generation as well. Luckily, Twenty-Five Twenty-One has made its name in the given category. It falls under the genre of coming of age and romance comedy with a hint of inspiration in it. People have been praising the show since its premiere on 12th February 2022. Twenty-Five Twenty-One stars Kim Tae-ri as the aspiring fencer, Na Hee-do alongside Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin, the responsible young man.

Meanwhile, Bona and Choi Hyun-wook are gaining appreciation as well for their impressive roles as Go Yoo-rim and Moon Ji-woong. The show is developed by Hong Ki-sung of tvN, alongside Kim Young-kyu & Studio Dragon. Moreover, Kwon Do-eun has written the show under the direction of Jung Ji-hyun. Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 is hence an important topic of discussion as the drama has created quite a buzz on the internet. This has left the fans gossiping about the upcoming twists in the plot.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Ep 7
A still from Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5 came out on Saturday, 26th February 2022. The episode starts with Yi-jin appreciating Hee-do and her hard work as he promises that he will always support her. As a result, Hee-do gives him her sword as a token of thank you. However, the sweet conversation of the young leads is misinterpreted by Hee-do’s mother as she doubts her daughter for her hard work. Next, we are taken to a switch in time where Min-chae recalls her past where she is jealous of her mother. However, after reading Hee-do’s journal, she realizes that it was not a piece of cake for her to become this famous.

Back in the past, Hee-do is seen competing for her spot in the national team. After a tough match, Hee-do makes her place in the team. Later on, Hee-do tries to call Yi-jin to share the news but she realizes that she doesn’t have his pager number. The next day, when she goes to his shop, she is informed that Yi-jin has left the job. Moreover, he is nowhere to be found as he has left his home as well. This makes her sad, however, she still believes that there must be a reason behind his sudden disappearance.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
Yi-jin and Hee-do in episode 5

In the meantime, Yi-jin along with his brother goes to live with their mother and uncle. There, Yi-jin is working at the fish market which makes his little brother embarrassed. To find comfort, Yi-jin replays Hee-do’s messages in the phone booth. On the other hand, Hee-do does the same. In the final moments of the episode, we see both of them standing in front of the tap recalling their past when they played under the tap fountain. Finally, Hee-do plays Yi-jin’s messages where he congratulates the former for her victory and says that he misses her.


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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 Recap

The episode was out on Sunday, 27th February 2022. Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 starts with Yi-jin taking his mother to an internet cafe to let her speak to his dad. After an emotional conversation between the ex-couple, the mother-son duo is seen talking about Yi-jin’s career which motivates him. As a result, Yi-jin moves back to Seoul to make his career in journalism. Then, the episode takes a five-month leap with Yi-jin now a training reporter. In the further scenes, Yijin comes across an edition of Full House volume 15, making him miss Hee-do.

On the other hand, things between Yoo-rim and Hee-do turn ugly due to them being competitors and the image they need to maintain in front of the school. They both are seen bickering and fighting over petty issues throughout the episode. On the other hand, among three broadcasters, Yi-jin and his mates gain the opportunity to cover the Asian Games where Hee-do and Yoo-rim will be competing. The protagonists finally meet during a rally of protests and they end up having a meal together. Surprisingly, Hee-do introduces her three-days old boyfriend to Yi-jin.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
A still from Episode 6

This is a shock to both Yi-jin and Hee-do’s daughter in the present time. Towards the end of the episode, Hee-do makes her spot in the finals and she will now compete with her rival, Yoo-rim. In the meantime, Hee-do reveals that she has broken up with her boyfriend which makes Yi-jin feel relieved. In the final scenes, we see the crowd going numb as the finals between Hee-do and Yoo-rim begin.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 will release on 5th March 2022 at 21:10 KST. The upcoming episode will show us the winner amongst Yoo-rim and Yi-jin as everyone around them are desperate to watch their performance and find a winner.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 Streaming Details

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 7 will be available for the South Korean audience on tvN. However, international viewers can stream the show on Netflix as the show drops new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

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