Will Alison Leave Sanditon? Theories

Season 2 of the period drama television series ‘Sanditon’ follows protagonist Charlotte Heywood’s return to the titular beach resort town. While she is still grieving the loss of her former love, Sidney Parker, two new suitors approach her and vie for her affection. Meanwhile, viewers are introduced to Charlotte’s lovely younger sister Alison, who travels to Sanditon with her sister in the hopes of finding her prince charming.

Captain Carter and Captain Fraser, two gorgeous young soldiers who arrive in town with their battalion, notice Alison. Unfortunately, her hopes are dashed when the man she loves betrays her. Viewers can’t help but wonder if something or someone would persuade a grieving Alison to reconsider her decision to leave Sanditon.

Will Alison Leave Sanditon?

Alison encounters Captain William Carter shortly after arriving in Sanditon, and he saves her from a carriage accident. She is enamored with his allure and begins wooing him. William portrays himself as a lyrical man who bravely participated in the war, but he is just an inexperienced soldier from a rich upbringing, which Alison is unaware of. Captain Declan Fraser, on the other hand, is his restrained senior, whom Alison finds arrogant and uncharacteristic of her type.



Declan, who is a decorated war veteran who secretly loves poetry, turns out to be a better match for Alison. William enlists Declan’s assistance in courting Alison, and he lies to her about his likes and experiences on a regular basis. At the same time, Declan is smitten by her bright personality, but she continues to date William despite his efforts. Despite Charlotte and Georgiana’s cautions, Alison’s fondness and loyalty for him grow swiftly.

When Declan learns of William’s fraudulent assertions, he implores him to be truthful with Alison. At Lady Denham’s garden party in season 2 episode 4, when the latter rejects, he tries to warn her about her lover’s dishonesty. Alison, on the other hand, is offended by his bluntness and refuses to believe him. She also dismisses her sister’s and Georgiana’s warnings after they discover William’s truth.


William takes Alison on a canoe ride and proposes to her, much to Declan’s chagrin. She accepts joyfully, but in her enthusiasm, she falls into the water. Declan rushes in and saves her as she pleads for help, while William stands by and watches. Alison confronts both men, enraged by his cowardice, and learns that everything William told her about himself was a lie. She breaks links with both men, deeply saddened by the betrayal as well as Declan’s concealment of the truth.

Alison, unable to cope with her wounded heart, leaves Sanditon and returns home, despite Charlotte’s persistent appeals. Declan learns of Alison’s departure and encourages William to intervene. When he declines, Declan, who is normally shy, approaches her and apologizes on his colleague’s behalf. He then tries to persuade her to stay in Sanditon, alluding to his emotions for her once more.

Alison gradually finds that Declan is not who she had imagined him to be and that she enjoys his company. She dances cheerfully with him at the Parkers’ ball and chastises William for his deeds. Declan’s love for her is very likely to be realized, and she may begin to feel the same way for him, as he matches all of her criteria for an ideal partner.


Furthermore, he will strive once more with all his might to stop his ladylove and publicly confess his feelings for her. Alison’s prospects of returning to Sanditon and giving Declan a chance are high now that she has entirely removed William from her life. After all, she came to town in search of her happy ending, and she’ll almost certainly not go without it.

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