Who Was DJ Koray Alpergin? The Tragic Story of a Popular Turkish DJ

DJ Koray Alpergin, who was he? A lot of people have been wondering this after a tragic occurrence rocked the British Turkish community. This article explores the life and tragic passing of DJ Koray Alpergin, a well-known figure.

Koray Alpergin was more than simply a regular person; he was a guiding light for the British Turkish community. He was born in northern Cyprus and became famous in the UK, especially in London, by proudly running the Turkish-language radio station Bizim FM.

Summary of who was dj koray alpergin

Key InformationDetails
Full NameKoray Alpergin
Age at the time of death43
Known forOwner of Turkish radio station Bizim FM in London
Incident DateOctober 13, last year
Location of IncidentWine bar near White Hart Lane
Body FoundEssex woodland on October 15
Primary SuspectsKennedy, Owusu-Opoku, Kettle, Kavak, Gordon, and Ulcay
Ongoing TrialBefore Judge Sarah Whitehouse KC

DJ Koray Alpergin A Well-Known Figure

Mr. Alpergin has always been proud of his roots, which may be found in northern Cyprus. He was a well-known figure who connected with the Turkish population in Britain as the proprietor of the London radio station Bizim FM.


DJ Koray Alpergin’s contributions had solidified his reputation. Many people remember him as a “happy-go-lucky” person, which was indicative of his dynamic nature.

The Tragic Incident

Many people’s memories of the eerie happenings of last October 13 are still recent. Koray Alpergin, 43, and his companion Gozde Dalbudak were abducted on this critical day. An expensive Italian restaurant in the heart of London served as their last known destination.

They were taken by their kidnappers to a lonely wine bar close to White Hart Lane. Mr. Alpergin suffered unspeakable tortures in this place. The horrors he endured are horrifying, from being burned by boiling water to suffering severe physical attacks.


Only a few days later, a dog walker in Essex discovered the DJ’s dead body in a wooded area. Ms. Dalbudak, on the other hand, was imprisoned in a toilet for an agonizing 48 hours before being released.

The Motive and Suspects

Mr. Alpergin was thought to be deeply in debt before the tragic tragedy. A startling £32,405 claim for his Audi was made against him. Strangely, individuals who were allegedly his attackers had allegedly affixed a tracker to this exact vehicle on September 23.

Currently, several people are on trial for this horrible crime. Kennedy, Owusu-Opuku, Kettle, Kavak, Gordon, and Ulcay are a few of them. They are accused of serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, false detention, and obstructing the course of justice.


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