Who is Simon Leviev’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina? Where is She Now

Who is Simon Levive’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina? Netflix’s ‘The Tinder Swindler’ follows Shimon Hayut, a.k.a. Simon Leviev, who defrauded many women out of thousands of dollars after getting to meet them on the namesake dating app, as the title suggests. For this, the expert con artist pretended to be the non-existent son of a real-life diamond mogul and concocted a complex network of lies — all for the sake of prolonging his lavish lifestyle. So, Let’s start if you’re keen to know more about Polina, one of his lovers featured in the documentary film; we’ve got you covered.

Who is Simon Leviev’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina?

Who is Simon Leviev’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina? According to our information, Simon Leviev first met Russian model Polina in 2018, after which he began pursuing her with rich presents and lavish holidays. His real charisma and caring personality, on the other hand, are likely what drew her in, especially because she was allegedly blissfully oblivious that it was all part of his routine at the time. That’s why she spent the majority of her summer with him in Europe, whether it was to Mykonos and Rome with his close friends or to France, Vienna, and Switzerland alone.

Who is Simon’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina
Simon Leviev Ex-Girlfriend Polina

Polina had no idea that the money Simon was spending on their summer tour was not his own — it came from his other girlfriends, who had taken out loans thinking he was in danger, as the Netflix original implies. Her “billionaire” lover supposedly only wanted to persuade the young model that he was extremely wealthy so that he could defraud her and repeat the process later. However, Pernilla Sjöholm, who vacationed with them, stated that “[Simon] seemed quite captivated by her.” They appeared to be a good fit.”


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Where is Simon’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina Now?

Polina ended her relationship with Simon Leviev practically as soon as she discovered he was cheating on her, and as nothing else about her has been revealed in the documentary, we assume she didn’t lose a lot of money over him. To get to where Polina is now, it’s probable that she’s returned to her hometown of Russia and is making the best of her life by concentrating on her work as a professional model. The only primary thing we can be certain of is that she is no longer with Simon. After all, she was the one who ended their relationship, and he now has a new girlfriend.

Who is Simon’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina
Simon’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina

Who Were Simon Leviev’s Victims?

After the people were unfortunate enough to swipe right on Leviev on Tinder, three of his victims bravely volunteered their stories for the nearly two-hour video. After that, he defrauded them of hundreds of thousands of pounds. He claimed to be the “prince of diamonds” and the millionaire heir to an Israeli magnate’s fortune, but he proved to be anything but. Leviev persuaded his dates to pay for everything from flights to foreign bank transfers, promising to reimburse them. However, if they were given something in exchange, it was usually bogus checks that bounced or imitation designer watches that were nearly useless. He was finally apprehended, though for unrelated offenses, and sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was released after only five days due to his behavior. Among his victims who have come out publicly are:


1. Cecilie Fjellhoy

2. Pernilla Sjoholm

3. Ayleen Charlotte


After the conman was charged with fraud, Ayleen assisted authorities in tracking him down. After attempting to board an aircraft with a fraudulent passport, he was eventually extradited to Israel. Ayleen described how she sold some of his costly goods to recoup part of the money she had lost in the Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler.

Find Shimon Levive On Instagram:

On Instagram, Shimon Levive can be found. He has roughly 115k followers on Twitter under the handle @simon Leviev official. Unfortunately, his account has been set to private, so we are unable to see what he has written on the app.

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