Who is Lexie Spiranac? Know About Paige Spiranac’s sister

Many people would wonder, “Who is Lexie Spiranac?” especially if they are aware with Paige Spiranac, a well-known professional golfer and internet star. While Paige has become the face of contemporary golf and achieved internet popularity, Lexie Spiranac, Paige’s older sister, has had a path of her own, one that is filled with athletic brilliance.

Paige’s older sister Lexie, who is three years older, made a reputation for herself in the sports world, which was very different from the golf courses Paige visited. This article will delve into Lexie’s life and accomplishments while dissecting the reasons for her frequent Google searches: Lexie Spiranac: who is she?

Summary of Who is Lexie Spiranac

BirthplaceChicago, Illinois
CollegeStanford University, California
High Jump PB1.63 meters
Book Release“Hattie Goes Golfing”

Lexie Spiranac’s Background

Paige Spiranac has an elder sister named Lexie. In contrast to Paige’s commitment to golf, Lexie had a broad range of athletic experience. Her talent was not limited to one discipline; in addition to becoming a black belt in Taekwondo, she was a heptathlete.


Lexie has deep roots in Monument, Colorado, and her fervor and drive have always been apparent. Lexie was busy carving out a name for herself in a variety of sports while Paige ruled the golf courses.

Early Life and Birthplaces

It’s interesting to note that even though the two sisters are close and have similar ancestry, their paths took different starts. In Chicago, Illinois, Lexie first noticed the world. In contrast, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, heard Paige’s first cries. But the beautiful scenery of Monument, Colorado frequently featured in their childhood stories.

Lexie’s College Journey

Lexie answered the lure of further study by enrolling at prestigious Stanford University in California. Her involvement in sports didn’t end here. Contrarily, Lexie proudly represented Stanford’s track and field team after receiving a college athletics scholarship.


High School Achievements

High school came before college, and Lexie wasn’t one to stay stationary. She played a crucial role on the 4A State Championship team in 2004. But Lexie wasn’t finished; in 2007, she won the state title in the 5A high jump division, demonstrating her commitment.

Personal Best in High Jump

If Lexie’s accomplishments in high school weren’t evidence enough, her personal best in the high jump most certainly is. By achieving a tremendous height of 1.63 meters, she turned heads. a performance that subtly reflected her love of sports and commitment to excellence.

“Hattie Goes Golfing” Children’s Book

Lexie and Paige transitioned from the athletic fields to the literary world and started a touching endeavor. The team published “Hattie Goes Golfing,” a children’s book designed to spark kids’ interest in the game. This book, which was much anticipated, has served as a showcase for their combined abilities.


Book’s Impact and Availability

There are other children’s books, but “Hattie Goes Golfing” stands out. For kids, it provides as an introduction to golf, igniting their interest at a young age. This book, which is offered on the Back 9 Press website, contains guidance on courage, joy, and perseverance.


Despite frequently being overshadowed by the success of her younger sister, Lexie Spiranac is a formidable opponent. She has been nothing short of inspirational, from her accomplishments in athletics to her literary collaboration with Paige. The answer to the question “Who is Lexie Spiranac?” is that she is an author, an athlete, and most importantly, an inspiration.


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