Who Is Friedemann Vogel’s Partner? The German Ballet Dancer

Friedemann Vogel, a well-known German ballet dancer, is currently the main dancer for the Stuttgart Ballet and has been building a name for himself. The highest distinction a dancer in Germany may receive is the national title Kammertänzer, which he received for his amazing performance on stage. Additionally, Vogel received the 2016 “Prix Maya” for “Outstanding Dancer”

Every role is a test, according to the well-known ballet dancer, who contends that each one calls for the artist to tap into and finally develop a particular quality. The artist also mentioned how it had been extremely difficult for him to represent the character with conviction in the face of such a nasty, actually mentally damaging humor.

Who Is Friedemann Vogel’s Partner?

Friedemann Vogel frequently performs with Alicia Amatriain, a fellow Stuttgart Ballet étoile and his lifelong dancing partner, despite the fact that little is known about his other partner. When they were both 14 years old, the two began dancing together at the John Cranko Schule!


Vogel has acknowledged that it feels amazing to dance with partners he is comfortable with, that chemistry needs to be present, and that one will require some practice. The baller celebrity clarified that this doesn’t imply that you have to dance with them all the time.

He doesn’t completely agree with the partner of choice rule because he thinks there are so many excellent dancers!

Friedemann Vogel Looks Back At His Career And More!

Vogel mentioned in an early interview that he began the first season with Ballanchine’s Theme and Variations. Despite the fact that he was originally supposed to be in the fifth cast, Vogel would soon be on stage due to other dancers’ injuries.


The artist said that he used to be brave and that, if he had to do it now in a week, he would panic since, when one is young, everything is so new and exciting.

In contrast to when, earlier in his career, he suffered an injury that had kept him off the stage for more than a year, Friedemann had acknowledged that the older he got, the more he was able to trust his body to handle such demands. Vogel came to realize that dance was the only thing that could truly satisfy him during this time.

A story ballet, according to Friedemann, is more satisfying than abstract art because a live performance is always a one-time-only event. When asked if it is not boring to dance the same role fifty times, Vogel would respond that every time was a unique journey.


How Did Friedemann Vogel Get Into Ballet?

Friedemann Vogel said when asked how he developed his passion for ballet, “I’ve always wanted to dance,” adding that at the age of three, one doesn’t know or care and that it’s very uncommon for young boys to have such aspirations.

When Vogel was a young boy, his older brother was already a working ballet dancer, so it seemed the most obvious thing for him to do. Given that he believes different musicians handle stress in various ways, Vogel said that he doesn’t experience too much anxiety while performing. He would rather avoid arriving at the theater too early and becoming exhausted before the show begins.


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