Who is Angus Brayshaw’s Partner? Everything to Know

Who is Angus Brayshaw’s partner, you ask? Angus Brayshaw, a well-known Australian football player, has been a midfielder for the Melbourne Football Club. Mark Brayshaw, his father, was a player for North Melbourne in the past. After suffering four concussions in the course of a year, Angus Brayshaw missed the most of his second season in 2016 as well as much of his second season in 2017. He has since played with a helmet.

Speaking about his career, Angus Brayshaw acknowledged his passion of football and desire to be the greatest player he can be. He added that he may be getting older now, but he has discovered that leading a balanced life is what works best for him.

Recently, Angus Brayshaw gained attention after suffering from a dangerous accident. Recently, the sportsman also provided a significant update on his personal life. Who is Angus Brayshaw’s partner? Let’s find out.


Who Is Angus Brayshaw’s Partner?

Danielle Frawley, a girlfriend of Angus Brayshaw, is the late media personality Danny Frawley’s daughter. Since they were little children, Angus and Danielle had known one another and even attended the same school. They later reconnected when they were teenagers.

Angus proposed after years of dating, and now the two are engaged! Even Danielle’s mother acknowledged that there was an instant chemistry between them. The couple announced their engagement on social media.

What Happened To Angus Brayshaw?

After colliding with teammate Brayden Maynard in the first quarter of the ongoing qualifying final, Angus Brayshaw recently made headlines. The great midfielder’s health had improved recently, according to Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin, who also provided an update after the player was struck unconscious.


Furthermore, according to Goodwin, the athlete is making good progress and is currently in the protocols even though he still needs to undergo a few more exams.

As the coach noted, they are not taking a chance by using him as a player because there is a bigger picture to consider in this case with Angus. Instead, they must make sure that everything is done correctly while emphasizing that Angus’ health comes first in this circumstance.

The Melbourne coach went on to say that the scans are just a standard procedure for someone with Brayshaw’s history of concussions because they will give them some real assurance about where his health stands. Goodwin responded by pointing out that they must do that as a football club, that Angus must do that, and that his family must comprehend that because they are ensuring he follows the protocols in the proper manner.


What Happened Between Brayden Maynard And Angus Brayshaw?

Brayshaw was knocked out after leaping in the air to try to block a kick when Brayden Maynard crashed into him and landed on his shoulder directly on Brayshaw’s skull. The families of Brayshaw and Frawley are concerned about this serious occurrence, which could possibly put an end to Brayshaw’s career.

Despite the fact that other Demon players were present, Brayden Maynard visited the player, although it was said that the encounter was somewhat unpleasant. The embarrassment was actually made worse by the fact that Brayshaw already had many Melbourne teammates visiting him after the game, according to an insider who has further disclosed that Maynard was permitted inside.

Unknown Melbourne player also stated that one of the teammates was extremely enraged by Maynard’s presence and had to leave the room in order to prevent any additional incidents. Despite Maynard’s best efforts, the visit was not well welcomed.


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