Where is Lawrence Rudolph’s Mistress Lori Milliron Now?

Bianca Rudolph died in a car accident in October of 2016. Lawrence, her spouse, appeared to carry on with his life after that. Federal investigators, on the other hand, looked into Bianca’s death and concluded that it was not an accident. They believed Lawrence was to blame, and part of the reason was his affair with Lori Milliron, his former office manager. ’48 Hours: Death on Safari,’ a CBS News special, sheds light on a complicated case and its twists. So, if you’re curious about Lori’s role in the story, here’s what we know.

Who is Lori Milliron?

Bianca died while on a hunting vacation in Zambia, Africa, with Lawrence. Lawrence had her cremated after she was discovered with a shotgun wound in her chest. However, the FBI received many tips that showed it was more than an accident. Weeks after Bianca’s murder, one of her friends called the cops to report something suspicious. Lawrence, she claims, was having an affair at the time of the incident.


Lori Milliron was the woman Lawrence was dating at the time. She used to work as a manager at his Pennsylvania dental clinic. Lori, according to a former colleague who worked there till February 2016, had chats with her back then. Lori stated that she had been in a relationship with Lawrence for around 15-20 years. She had also given him an ultimatum: within a year, the dentist had to sell the offices and leave Bianca.

Lori moved in with Lawrence just months after Bianca died, according to the authorities. They also made an offer of $3.5 million for a house in the same neighbourhood. Lawrence purchased an airline ticket for Lori to Arizona, where he lived, on the day of Bianca’s burial in October 2016. While it was eventually cancelled, he bought another ticket for a different woman to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, three days later. Lawrence then told Lori, “I killed my [expletive] wife for you,” according to a bartender in an Arizona pub, during an argument in January 2019.

Where is Lori Milliron Now?

Lori was charged with accessory after the fact, obstruction of a federal grand jury, and perjury in February 2022. Authorities suspected she lied to them about some payments Lawrence made to her. Lori couldn’t explain why Lawrence paid her large sums of money in cash in 2016 and 2017 other than to claim he was generous at the time. She also indicated that she couldn’t recall ever threatening to end their relationship. Lori and Lawrence were ordered to stand trial jointly in April 2022 by a judge. She has been in police custody since surrendering to authorities in Arizona in February 2022, according to our information.


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