What is the connection between sleep and loneliness ? Do they differ from each other or has some link?

Well today’s youth are facing this a lot, even they can’t conclude why it’s happening but am sure they will get their answers as well. Lets first talk about bad sleep and loneliness separately first to understand it’s depth.

What is loneliness is all about?


It’s a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. It’s a emotional trauma or you can say a depression where you feel like avoided or hatred. It includes anxious feelings about lack of connection or communication with your dear ones or beloved. This goes deep when you find yourself surrounded by strangers or fake peoples. Loneliness are of many types mental, social, emotional, official, personal, many more. It’s usually said as social pain- psychological mechanism meant to motivate an individual to seek connection. If not treated soon it eats you from inside and make you numb.

Loneliness can brings lot of stress, stress brings diseases, diseases brings medicines, medicines brings side effects if not taken in right way. Why to go for so long process just stay happy and keep smiling, if feel lonely talk to your close people go out, hangout and most importantly distract your mind from stress.

Never ever transfer your stress , anger and tension on another. It creates problems and disturbance in personal life.


Effects :-
• Mental health.
• Physical health.
• Disturb sleep.
• Distract from work.
• Makes you lazy and effortless.
• Keeps you down and always in tears.
• Bad for health.
• Hairfall.
• Dark circles. Etc

Here was a small description of loneliness , let’s now talk about bad sleep.

How does bad sleep hampers you?


People now a days taking pills to sleep at night, is this safe? Of course not, it helps you today but when addicted to such habbits make you weak from bones and will create a home to destroy you mental health and healthy life style.

Breakage in sleep is common but not to in huge extent. Some people may not feel asleep at night as they have taken a long nap in the afternoon, some people cannot sleep in dim light’s or night lamp, some cannot sleep because at the end of the day they keep on thinking about their past worries or they keep thinking about things which affected their life in past – make sure you never go to bed with bad memories it undoubtedly spread negative vibes which is not good for you as well as your family around you.

Ladies mostly go through this during their periodic cramps, they feel uneasy to sleep at one side. People are so much addicted to phones and laptop that they can avoid sleep for the whole night easily. This things effect your brain. Getting bad sleep may make you fat, or gain weight, high BP etc many more.


It’s better to follow fee tips for good sleep :-
• Keep your time fixed for sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.
• Avoid caffeine, dairy products, alcohol and nicotine before going to bed.
• Don’t take afternoon nap after 3pm.
• Sleep in dark room.
• Avoid lights, many more are still there you can Google it well for more clear and clean explanation and causes of this. It may help you to know about it more deeply.

In short, every disease as 1 common medicine stay happy and keep smiling nothing can ever hurt you. Be strong enough to face challenges in life and throw a good vibes, it will eventually comes back to you. Light mind, and soft heart can never face all this if they know to deal with situations.

Problems are part of life, you can’t delete it but don’t allow it to head you, don’t allow those weak boundaries to step inside your mind and heart. Be bold enough to say and handle things smoothly.


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