What is Christian Richard’s Net Worth?

Christian Richard’s Net Worth in 2022- The television show ‘Selling Sunset’ has introduced its viewers to the glamorous world of real estate brokers. The reality show follows The Oppenheim Group’s associates as they balance their personal and business lives. Christine Quinn, who is both gorgeous and talented, is one of the series’ main characters. Christian Dumontet AKA Christian Richard, the Oppenheim star’s spouse, was searching to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills when she met him. The couple married on December 15, 2019, just a year after their first meeting.

The third season of ‘Selling Sunset’ featured Christine and Christian’s gothic fairytale-themed wedding. In May of 2021, the distinguished couple welcomed their baby, Christian Georges Dumontet. Christian is a 38-year-old Software Program Engineer who has supposedly retired. Christian, who was born in New Jersey in 1979, worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The man is a successful businessman who is worth far more than most people realise. If you’re curious about Christian Richard’s work and how much he’s worth, here’s what we know so far!

How Did Christian Richard Make His Money?

Christian Richard hails from Middle Township, New Jersey, and is a fervent Christian. He graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Later, from January 2001 until March 2007, he worked as a Software Engineer with Cisco, where he was part of a team that included “a senior MIT professor and well-known MIT cryptography researcher.” He refined his technical and entrepreneurial talents throughout that time.


Christian also co-founded one of the country’s “first-ever meal delivery services.” Foodler, which Christian co-founded with John Jannotti in 2004, allowed customers to explore and order food from nearby vendors via the internet. The Boston-based corporation was a major success, with operations in 48 US states and Vancouver, Canada. Because it allowed clients to pay with bitcoin, the meal delivery system was deemed innovative.

With his latest enterprise, the entrepreneur returned to the business world in January of 2022. Christian is the CEO of a company called RealOpen, which he co-founded. The company’s information isn’t readily available. Given Christian’s track record, though, this could help him rise even higher in the engineering market. We’ve got you covered if you want to know how much the Foodler founder is worth.

Christian Richard’s Net Worth

Christian Richard is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million. He enjoys going on holidays with his wife and lives a nice lifestyle as a result of his success. Christian purchased a $5 million home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, in 2019. The home was once valued at $7 million and belonged to Crystal Hefner, a model turned traveller and health advocate who was Hugh Hefner’s third wife (until his death in 2017).


Christian’s now-wife and astute agent Christine, on the other hand, negotiated a great deal for him. The two began dating while on the house hunt. Christine remarked that the Hefner mansion reminded her of her ideal home. This may or may not have been a motivator for the wealthy and retiring engineer. He currently lives in the same house as his wife and son.

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