Vanessa Feltz’s Net Worth (Updated 2023): How Much Does The TV Presenter Make?

Who is Vanessa Feltz And What Is Vanessa Feltz’s Net Worth? Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio 2 show has been waking up the nation for years. The host and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant have produced some of the most unforgettable moments in reality show history in the United Kingdom. Everything you need to know about her is right here. Vanessa Jane Feltz is an English journalist, broadcaster, and television personality. Some of the programs she has appeared on include Vanessa (1994–1998), The Big Breakfast (1996–1998), The Vanessa Show (1999), The Wright Stuff (2003–2005), This Morning (2006–present), and Strictly Come Dancing (2013). Feltz currently hosts the BBC Radio London Breakfast Show and a BBC Radio 2 early morning radio show.

She also regularly fills in for Sara Cox and Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2. Vanessa Feltz was welcomed to the world in Islington, London, and grew up in Pine Grove, Totteridge. On her radio show, Vanessa frequently refers to Totteridge as “the Beverly Hills of North London” and her Jewish upbringing as “grew up in Fiddler on the Roof.” Norman, her father, was a lingerie manufacturer. Feltz received her schooling at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls in Elstree, Hertfordshire. She continued her education at Trinity College, Cambridge, where she earned a first-class honors degree in English.

Vanessa Glitz Early Career:

Who is Vanessa Feltz And What Is Vanessa Feltz’s Net Worth? Before joining the Daily Mirror, Feltz was the first female columnist for The Jewish Chronicle. Her debut novel at the time was titled “What Are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples?. For the fruit salad, they’re essential. Feltz took over for Paula Yates on Channel 4’s morning show The Big Breakfast, where she presented a regular feature in which she interviewed celebrities while laying in bed. When she was interviewing Rolf Harris for the show, she claimed he sexually abused her.

Vanessa Feltz Net Worth
Vanessa Feltz

In 1997, Feltz was tricked by Brass Eye, a satirical television show. Her debut show was Vanessa, an ITV daytime television chat show created by Anglia Television. For a reported £2.7 million, she moved to the BBC in 1998 to host The Vanessa Show, a similar show. On ITV, Trisha was brought in to take her position. The Vanessa Show had some bad headlines in 1999 when several of its guests were accused of being actresses. Feltz was accused, despite the fact that she had no involvement in the guest scheduling, and the show was swiftly canceled.

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What Is Vanessa Feltz’s Net Worth?

Vanessa Feltz has a net worth of $52 million (£38 million), according to multiple web sources. Her annual remuneration for her radio job at BBC Radio 2 accounts for the majority of the number. Vanessa’s salary with the BBC was listed as £330,000-£339,000 on the BBC talent list for 2018. Ben Ofoedu, her fiancé, defended her earnings, stating, “She’s amazing at what she does.”


“She doesn’t truly drive a hard bargain at all,” he told Woman Magazine in 2018. Vanessa is the only one who can do the job that no one else can: she can switch from radio to entertainment shows to reality shows. “I’d want to see another woman as intelligent as Vanessa; she has to bring her intelligence down to converse with people.” It’s now £405,000 – 409,999 in 2020, up £50,000 from the previous year.

Is Vanessa Married, And Does She Have Children?

Vanessa was married to Michael Kurer, a surgeon, for 17 years before they divorced in 2000. Allegra and Saskia, their two daughters, were born to them. Zeke and Neroli are her grandchildren, with a third on the way in 2019. She married Ben Ofoedu, a singer-songwriter, in 2006. Despite the fact that they were supposed to marry in 2007 and then again in 2011, Vanessa explained that her previous marital experience was holding her back. They currently share a home in St John’s Wood, London, that was once owned by art tycoon Charles Saatchi.

Vanessa Feltz Net Worth
Vanessa Feltz

What TV Shows Has She Been In?

Vanessa featured on Celebrity Fit Club and three episodes of The Weakest Link in 2013, as well as season 11 of Strictly Come Dancing. She only lasted three weeks alongside James Jordan, who starred on CBB himself last year and was the second most celeb to be voted off. Vanessa also appeared in the final of Channel 4’s Ultimate Big Brother, a special series of Big Brother. The series brought together the most famous Big Brother candidates of all time, culminating in Brian Dowling being dubbed the “Ultimate Housemate.”


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