Ultraman Season 2 Coming in April: Everything You Need To Know

Are you an Ultraman fan? Then there’s some extremely exciting for you, as well as a time for celebration. Ultraman Season 2 has been announced, and it will be released soon. So, without further ado, spread the word and get ready for an incredible adventure. Netflix recently confirmed the release date of Ultraman Season 2 on January 6th, 2022, with an official trailer. Ultraman’s popularity hasn’t waned in the two years following the first season. Apparently, hearing about an anime adaptation of their favorite childhood hero Ultraman piqued the interest of many fans. And now, with the release of Ultraman Season 2, their joy will be multiplied.

On January 6th, the official trailer for Season 2 was released on Netflix Anime’s official YouTube account. In addition, the clip has revealed the narrative of Season 2 and has showcased some terrific action. So it’s expected that a thrilling anime is on the way, and hopefully, it will live up to its fans’ hopes. Now it’s time that we disclose the release date of Ultraman Season 2 to his fans.

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date

The Ultraman Season 2 will premiere in April 2022, according to Netflix, which announced it in November. With an official trailer, Netflix has now confirmed the Season 2 release date. Are you curious about the release date? It will air on April 14th, 2022. The new trailer shows six warriors banding together to preserve the Earth, as well as some of the massive fights and monstrous monsters they will encounter in the upcoming anime.

Ultraman Season 2
Ultraman Season 2

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Where to Watch Ultraman Season 2?

Fans of Ultraman will be able to watch it on Netflix. Other than that, no other site has the right to stream this series. Ultraman’s Season 1, which consists of 13 episodes, is now available on Netflix.

Ultraman Season 2 Trailer

The trаiler орens with а frightening sсene оf аn emрty ULTRАMАN suit helmet сrаshing tо the grоund. Shinjirо Hаyаtа beсоmes entаngled in а strаnge “disаррeаrаnсe inсident.” The scene then рiсks uр sрeed with NОILIОN’s lively орening sоng “3,” hinting аt а рlоt with uрs аnd dоwns! А burst оf fight асtiоn sсenes аgаinst the viсiоus Аlien Рedаnt, аs well аs the Gоlden Fоrtress demоlishing the сity, then bооsts hорes. Then it соnсludes with а sсene thаt will hаve every Ultrаmаn fаns’ eye-catching moment: the line-uр оf the 6 Ultrа Wаrriоrs!


What we can expect from Ultraman Season 2?

As Netflix has released the trailer, we can predict what’s waiting for the fans in April. Rena and Shinjiro are among the many people who have vanished from Earth. Dark Star, an alien organization, is at the heart of this movement. Dark Star, on the other hand, offers the earthlings the choice of giving them half of the planet or sacrificing the ones they’ve kidnapped. Rena and Shinjiro are aboard their ship, which is now orbiting the Sun. Shinjiro soon learns of Dark Star’s schemes.

He is, however, caught in the crossfire between SSSP and Dark Star, and is on the verge of death. Despite this, the ultimate confrontation pits all six Ultraman heroes against the Mecha-Giant Fortress. Witness the ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, TARO, ZOFFY, JACK, and ACE defend the city against the Giant Fortress.

Ultraman Season 2
Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman Season 1 Synopsis

The Netflix Original anime series Ultraman is based on manga of the same name. One of Japan’s most influential franchises in the Ultraman franchise. Without the influence of Ultraman on the Tokusatsu genre, shows like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers would not exist.


Since the events of the first Ultraman, a long time has passed. The famous ‘Giant of Light’ is thought to have departed Earth and returned to his home planet, and is now only remembered as a memory. Shinjiro Hayata learns that his father was a member of the Ultraman team. Shinjiro takes over the Ultraman of the Earth mantle from his father.

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