Touker Suleyman Net Worth: Professional Career & Earning

What Is Touker Suleyman Net Worth? Suleyman is a very successful businessman and fashion investor who is back on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, which has been renewed for a 19th season. But who is the guy behind the money, how much money does Touker Suleyman has, is he married, and does he have kids? Here is what you all need to know about Touker. Touker Suleyman, a British-Turkish Cypriot fashion retail business visionary, financial backer, and TV personality with 40 years’ retail and fabricating experience, is best known as the founder of quintessentially British menswear brand, Hawes and Curtis, and the man credited with recreating the influential 90’s womenswear title, Ghost.

Touker’s rise to the top of the corporate ladder has not been without its challenges. Examiners discovered a big obligation behind one of his projects in the 1980s, and he was given a month and a half to locate £2 million pounds. Tragically, a possible financial backer pulled out with seconds to spare, forcing the company into liquidation and forcing him to start again from scratch. Suleyman went on to build a thriving global apparel manufacturer that is now at the center of his businesses, and he is also a serial business visionary, backing seven retail and commercial property businesses. Touker has a strong desire to help new firms succeed, and he invests in a variety of small British businesses.

Who is Touker Suleyman? What is his background?

Suleyman was born in Famagusta on August 4, 1953. He was born into a Turkish-Cypriot household and later relocated to Peckham, south London, to attend school. He is a multibillionaire in the retail and apparel industry. In 2001, his company, Low Profile Group, paid £1 for the renowned shirtmaker Hawes & Curtis.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth
Touker Suleyman

By 2014, the franchise had 30 locations in the United Kingdom and one in Germany. He is now attempting to bring the store to the Gulf Coast. He also bought the fashion company Ghost in 2008 and has been investing in start-up companies such as Bikesoup. Touker was asked to join the Dragons’ Den investors’ panel in 2015, and he has been a regular on the show ever since. Touker is the father of two children but is not married.

Touker Suleyman’s Career

Touker Suleyman studied at Peckham Manor Secondary School while simultaneously working in the family restaurant in his spare time. At the age of 18, Touker started working in retail, buying clothes for his grandmother to give to her friends. In 1976, he entered the leather sector and founded Kingsland Models, a clothing company. His company, which has manufacturing in Stoke-on-Trent, supplied womenswear to high-end retailers, including Dorothy Perkins, C&A, and Topshop. He subsequently went on to buy a 29.9% share in Mellins, a garment company. However, a £20 million investment in Bamber Stores left him cash-strapped. Suleyman had to sell his home and start again after the organization went into insolvency.

After that, in 1984, he acquired Low Profile, a property manufacturing company that created pieces of clothes for fashion labels, a women’s wholesale business. Suleyman’s affinity for shirts surfaced in 2000 while working for Ralph Lauren Europe. He happened upon Hawes and Curtis on Jermyn Street, which had a £500,000 obligation, no stock, and was about to go into administration while looking for an excellent English brand. Suleyman purchased the brand for a pittance of a pound, with the full purchase costing him around £100,000.


Hawes and Curtis now have 28 locations in the United Kingdom, has a turnover of £21 million, and is debt-free. Suleyman is a serial entrepreneur who owns Huxley and Cox (a luxury pack company), Docks Rio (a relaxed deck shoe brand), Bikesoup (an online bike marketplace), Intelligent Futures (a social marketing organization), and a few business property enterprises. Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham chose Suleyman to join the investors’ panel on the thirteenth series of the famous BBC TV show Dragons’ Den in 2015. Suleyman is the only one of the three mythical beasts who has been on the show since its debut.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth:

What is Touker Suleyman Net Worth? Touker Suleyman has a net worth of more than £200 million. He has used some of his fortunes to construct a “James Bond-style” mansion in South London. The mansion is said to be so amazing that he routinely rents it out to celebrities and prominent people, including David and Victoria Beckham. Touker Suleyman has worked hard to get where he is now. This displays how, despite disasters, determination and hard work may propel you forward into the realm of riches. His advice to everyone is to start small and avoid taking on too much responsibility. You can grow and become more interested in your life by doing so.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth
Touker Suleyman

About Dragons’ Den:

Entrepreneurs have a total of 3 minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires who are willing to invest their money in the business where their mouth is to help them get started. The Dragons have the option to ask questions regarding the business after each pitch. Entrepreneurs aren’t always required to respond, but what they choose to ignore could have a significant impact on the outcome. A Dragon who does not want to invest after hearing the pitch must proclaim themselves “out,” suggesting that they are leaving the conversation. If you miss any of the next episodes, don’t worry; they’ll all be available to watch on BBC iPlayer once they’ve aired.


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