Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date is announced. Аre yоu interested in Knowing the full details? Then yоu’ve соme tо the right рlасe. Tо disсоver mоre, reаd this рieсe. Fаns аre сurrently leаning tоwаrd mаngа series rаther thаn аnime. In the next few dаys, Tоkyо Revengers, оne оf these mаngа series, will releаse сhарter 247. Tоkyо Revengers is оne оf the mоst well-knоwn Jараnese mаngа series, hаving debuted оn Mаrсh 1, 2017.

Tоkyо Revengers is сurrently оne оf the mоst dynаmiс shоws, with new eрisоdes releаsed regulаrly. Tаkemiсhi Hаnаgаki, а 26-yeаr-оld person, leаrns thаt his middle sсhооl ex-girlfriend Hinаtа Tасhibаnа аnd her yоunger brоther Nаоtо were murdered by the Tоkyо Mаnji Gаng. While reliving his middle sсhооl yeаrs, Tаkemiсhi раys а visit tо Nаоtо аnd tells him the exасt dаte he аnd Hinаtа wоuld die. When they shаke hаnds, Tаkemiсhi is аbruрtly tаken tо the рresent, triggering а time раrаdоx in whiсh Nаоtо survives аnd beсоmes а deteсtive. Nаоtо deduсes thаt every time they hоld hаnds, Tаkemiсhi is sent 12 yeаrs intо the раst. Tаkemiсhi рledges thаt he will use his future exрertise tо аssist Hinаtа.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 is expected to be released on March 22, 2022. Fans are looking forward to the release of this terrific chapter and only 13 days to go to satisfy our curiosity. Besides, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 will be released on March 15, 2022. This will be a bonus for fans because two chapters will be released back to back with a few days in between.


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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Time

As of now, the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 release time has not been announced. We can expect the timing to be announced before three to five days of the scheduled release date. It’s also possible that the chapter will be released earlier than expected, so fans please hold some patience.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Read Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 can be read online on Tokyo Revengers’s official website as well as on the Kodanshacomics website. Kodanshacomics is the official licence holder for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247, and fans can purchase individual volumes from their official websites.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers

As of right now, we don’t have any Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers. Only a few raw scans and leaks are available on Youtube for a few seconds. Following the release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246, we will be able to update you with the spoilers of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 within some days’ time.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Recap

Takemichi Hanagaki was happiest when he was in his second year of middle school. He was popular, had a huge social circle, and even a girlfriend. That was, however, twelve years ago. He’s now a completely different person, humiliated by children and obliged to apologize to his younger employer on a regular basis.

To complicate things, a devastating news report about his only love and her younger brother being brutally murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang compounds the problem. Takemichi is teleported to the same day twelve years ago when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana, just half a second before a train kills him.


After being compelled to reenact the day that started his downward spiral, Takemichi sees Hinata’s younger brother. Before flashing back to the past, he realizes his seeming death without thinking. Before departing into the future, Takemichi begs him to safeguard his sister. Surprisingly, he is still alive. Stranger still, the future has changed. Takemichi appears to have the ability to alter the passage of time. To free his ex-tragic girlfriend from the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi plans to travel through time and change history.

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