Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239: Everything You Need To Know

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 spoilers were just posted on Twitter by renowned leaker mina @taiyakiboi, and they validated everything that fans had suspected. A few panels of raw scans have also been published, and they fully support the spoilers. The fashion competition is depicted in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239, as well as what happens afterward. So, in this article, we’ll go over the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Release Date, Cast, Plotline, and other details. But, before we delve deep into the primary subject of the article, let’s take a quick look at Tokyo Revengers. 

Tokyo Revengers is a famous Japanese manga series created by Ken Wakui and illustrated by him. Tokyo Revengers has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine since March 2017. A live-action film adaption was released in Japan in July 2021. As of January 2022, the manga had sold over 50 million copies. The comic won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in the shnen category in 2020. Liden Films aired an anime television series adaptation from April to September 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 Recap:

The Thousand Winters gang visits Mitsuya, who has been manufacturing outfits in preparation to compete in a fashion competition, in Chapter 238. Takemichi learns about Mitsuya’s pledge to Draken to become a fashion designer. Draken had admitted to him that he couldn’t leave the gang life behind and that he was going to follow Mikey. Mitsuya has been obsessed with the competition since Draken’s death, neglecting himself and his responsibilities. Takemichi recognizes his situation and informs the others that Mitsuya will not be joining them. The TW crew joins up for Mitsuya’s competition a week later to cheer her on.



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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Spoilers:

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 is titled “Steal the Show,” according to the spoilers. According to Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 spoilers, the fashion competition begins, and the lads are awestruck by the brilliance of the designs, and they are concerned about Mitsuya’s ability to compete. Mitsuya and his old middle school clubmates are rushing backstage to finish the garments on time. Mitsuya expresses his gratitude for their unpaid assistance as Yasuda (a previous member of the sewing group) offers him the final component. They chastise him, telling him that this is for his own good. It’s Mitsuya’s turn now, as two models step out wearing his designs, which are based on the concept “Twin Dragons.” The models in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 have similar clothing but separate styles, and everyone is in awe of Mitsuya’s creativity.


“Draken-Kun, are you seeing this?” Takemichi wonders. Mitsuya, unsurprisingly, wins the competition. Takemichi realizes what Draken had always suspected: Mitsuya belongs in this universe. When it’s time for Mitsuya to accept the prize, he walks on stage dressed in Toman’s uniform. Mitsuya has shaved half of his head, revealing the identical Dragon tattoo he and Draken both have. When he mentions that a friend had sought his assistance a few days before, he is characteristically polite. From the judges to the audience, no one is pleased with his judgment. People begin throwing objects at him, but Mitsuya remains firm and apologizes. The Thousand Winters crew is perplexed as well. But, as Mitsuya concludes his speech, while this medal is important and earning it is an honor, failing to assist a friend in need is unforgivable.

Final Thoughts On Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239:

If the spoilers for Chapter 239 of Tokyo Revengers are right, Mitsuya does indeed join Takemichi’s group, as fans had hoped. It’s understandable because he wanted to keep his commitment to Draken before enlisting, and denying the award serves as a motivator. While he has partially achieved the promise, he has not fully developed as a designer, and as a result, he will always have the desire to return.

The most common sentiment among fans appears to be that Mitsuya would design a better uniform than Chifuyu’s t-shirt. Aside from the jokes, Mitsuya’s use of the phrase “to fight a buddy” shows that he still considers Mikey a friend, although he has a beef with him. Fans want to know if Mitsuya holds Mikey responsible. Mitsuya, like Mikey in the first timeline, appears to be holding to Draken’s memory. Wakui has stated that Mitsuya’s designs are not intended to fill the void left by Draken’s departure but rather to symbolize Draken’s spirit and principles.



Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Release Date:

For some regions, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 will be released on Wednesday, January 26, January 25. ComiXology, INKR, Azuki, Kindle Unlimited, InkyPen, and Mangamo are all official places to read it. The whole Tokyo Revengers library is also available on various unofficial websites, which are updated on a regular basis.

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