Thirty-Nine Episode 8: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 8 will take us close to the show’s ending as only a few episodes are left to release and then the show will go off-air. As we all know, Thirty-Nine is Son Ye-jin’s ongoing show that revolves around a friendship between three women in their late thirties. Living almost two decades of their lives together, these girls turned into beautiful women and decided to explore their lives together. Little did they know that one of them would soon leave them forever.

As much as the show’s storyline is emotional and brings tears to our eyes, Thirty-Nine is a promising show and is loved by people of every age group, across the globe. The show stars Jeon Mi-do & Kim Ji-hyun in lead roles alongside the Crash Landing On You star. Moreover, the show falls under the category of slice-of-life dramas that are rare and quite attractive for the viewers. Even though the show is currently going down an emotional path the side love stories are adding spice to it.

Thirty-Nine is a show by JTBC STudios and it marks Ye-jin’s comeback with the company after 2019. On the other hand, Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Moo-saeng & Lee Tae-hwan are seen playing the roles of the love interests of the three women in the show. All in all, the release of Thirty-Nine Episode 8 has hyped the fans to a whole different level this time. What turn will the show take is quite exciting to watch and wait for.

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A still from Chan-young’s audition

Thirty-Nine Episode 7 Recap

Thirty-Nine Episode 7 was released on Wednesday, 16th March 2022. The episode goes with the title “The Inconvenient Truth“. This episode begins with a flashback where an unknown woman visited Joo-hee’s mother while the girls were leaving for a restaurant. Could she be Mi-jo’s biological mother? This is a question that crosses our minds after the conversation between the two elderly women. Coming back to the present, Mi-jo faints due to a panic attack and Seon-woo takes her to the hospital. In the meantime, Chan-young and Joo-hee worry about Mi-jo’s sudden absence.

Later, Seon-woo takes Mi-jo for night camping and asks her to reduce some burden. Later on, Seon-woo meets Chan-young and they both discuss Mi-jo and her liking towards golf. In the meantime, Joo-hee who kept being jobless hidden from Hyun-joon joins his restaurant as a part-timer. After having a light conversation with Mi-jo, Chan-young decides to do something for herself as well. Hence, she skips the golf session and goes for an audition. In the meantime, Seon-woo and Mi-jo go out for playing golf which turns out to be a stress-relieving moment for the latter.

Thirty-Nine Episode 8


Little did she know that her biological mother called her present-time mother and asked about Mi-jo’s well-being from the prison. Towards the end of the episode, each one of them faces the unwanted truth of their lives that makes them uncomfortable. Seon-woo hears of what his father did to his sister. Meanwhile, Hyun-joon’s girlfriend lashes out at him for being a petty restaurant owner. Jin-seok’s wife meets Chan-young’s parents to tell them about her truth. And finally, Joo-hee’s mother accepts that she knows Mi-jo’s mother.

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Thirty-Nine Episode 8: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

Thirty-Nine Episode 8 will release on Thursday, 17th March 2022 at 22:30 KST. The upcoming episode will draw Seon-woo and Mi-jo apart as the former will plan on moving to the States whereas Mi-jo will step closer to the truth of her biological mother.


Thirty-Nine Episode 8 Streaming Details

Thirty-Nine Episode 8 can be watched on JTBC Channel throughout the South Korean subcontinent. Moreover, Netflix streams the Korean drama every Wednesday and Thursday for the international audience.

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