The woman who could take 10 years off her age reveals her facial tricks

Three simple tricks for a youthful complexion.

There’s a haze of cosmetic products that lure consumers with the promise of a youthful, firm and wrinkle-free complexion. Of course, their effectiveness is not always up to expectations.

A self-proclaimed skincare guru shared her facial routine on TikTok after commenters couldn’t believe that a woman who looked 20 – or even younger – was actually 30. Isabelle says that lifestyle accounts for 80 percent of skincare, and for those who want youthful skin, she recommends these tricks and practices:

  1. Don’t use a normal towel on your face! Don’t use regular towels for your face. She swears by a microfiber product.
  2. Don’t wash your face in the shower as it can irritate your skin! Products for body or hair can get absorbed into your skin. Instead, wash your face with cool or room temperature water.
  3. Pay attention to the position you sleep in! If you lie on your side or stomach, you can develop wrinkles on your face, so shesays there’s no way around it, “learn to sleep on your back”.

Isabelle does look very young, according to netizens, although some have accused her of only looking that way because of the filters. “It’s the best compliment when people say you use filters when you’re only glowing because of your beautiful complexion,” the young woman retorted.



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