The Woman In The Wall Filming Locations: Filming In Ireland

Are you searching for The Woman In The Wall Filming Locations, Here we have shared Where was The Woman in the Wall filmed in this article. The Woman In The Wall is a psychological criminal thriller drama with only six episodes that is brought to you by BBC One. The sitcom was conceived by Joe Murtagh, who also worked on the executive production. Sam Lavender, Harry Wootliff, Ruth Wilson, Simon Maxwell, and others are executive producers as well.

The film’s British director, Rachna Suri, is renowned for telling intricately woven human tales. After working on a few low-budget short films and expressing herself as a director, she discovered her passion for direction. Motive Pictures is the series’ production firm in the meantime.

Ruth Wilson, Daryl McCormack, Abby Fitz, Simon Delaney, Philippa Dunne, Hilda Fay, Mark Huberman, and Lynn Rafferty are among the cast members in the fifty-seven minute long series The Woman In The Wall. The first two episodes broadcast on Sunday, August 27 and Monday, August 28, 2023. However, new episodes will start airing each Sunday on September 3, 2023.


The Woman In The Wall Plot

Ruth Wilson’s character, Lorna Brady, lives in the made-up town of Kilkinure and discovers a mysterious corpse at her residence. It has not yet been proven that she actually did bring the corpse inside the house.

The incident is connected to the priest who was killed and who worked in unidentified laundries. In order to solve the case, Detective Colman Akande (played by Daryl McCormack) travels from Dublin to the made-up town. The Woman In The Plot’s first two episodes have already been shown.

The first episode claims that Lorna Brady discovers the body of an unidentified woman at her home. She consequently becomes concerned about being detained for having a corpse at home. After giving it some thought, Lorna decides she can find out who the corpse is at the town’s Magdalene Laundry.


While identifying the corpse at the laundry and learning more about her lost child, Lorna hopes to overcome her fear of her own sleepwalking. On the other side, a local priest is murdered in Dublin, and Detective Colman Akande is given the case. He then goes to Kilkinure to investigate. It gives Lorna and the investigator an excuse to become involved in one another’s life.

The second episode claims that when Lorna uses the corpse’s phone, she discovers that the deceased was Aoife Cassidy. Using Aoife’s phone, Lorna contacts an enigmatic individual by the name of Dara O’Halloran and requests to meet with him.

On the other side, the police discover someone driving Father Percy’s automobile after reviewing CCTV footage. It comes out that Dara O’Halloran is the driver. To stop the police from getting the video, Lorna wipes the hard disk off of the store’s computer.


Dara is apprehended by the police and, in order to save his wife, he decides to confess to killing Father Percy. He is aware that before Father Percy was killed, his wife met him. To find out more about Father’s murder, Akande meets Sister Eileen and travels with Aidan. The top post at the convent is held by Sister Eileen. However, the second episode doesn’t really show much.

After paying a visit to Sister Eileen, Akande had a panic attack as she leaves. Lorna, on the other hand, chooses to meet Clemence, one of the laundry survivors present at the group gathering, the next day. The episode ends with a mystery death of Clemence, nevertheless, and the credits start to roll.

The Woman In The Wall Filming Locations

The show takes place in Kilkinure, a tiny made-up Irish town. However, the actual filming took place in North Ireland and County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland, and it started in August 2022. Therefore, all of the filming was done in Europe. Joe Murtagh, the series’ creator, is a Mayo native. He wishes history would not repeat itself and wants to draw attention to the terrible history.


County Mayo

Ireland’s west coast is home to County Mayo. The third-highest cliff in all of Europe, Achill Island, is one of its most famous features. The Quiet Man (1952), Love & Rage (1999), Reign of Fire (2002), Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023), and other movies were also filmed there.

North Ireland

On the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland is located in the northeast. It is located in the United Kingdom and has a free border with Ireland.


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